The Mummy’s Gold by Kate McMullan

This story takes place on a dark night at a movie theater, a house, and outside. Jake is 10 years old, nice, has brown skin and black hair. Henry is mean, foolish, a trickster, naughty, and a troublemaker. Max is Henry’s friend. He is mean and a trouble maker. Uncle Rob is nice, weird, funny and creepy. Henry tries to sell broken toys for a lot of money. Also, he trades nickels for dimes. Henry takes Jake to the movie theater at a very dark night. Jake gets scared. Uncle Rob dresses up in a mummy costume and scared Henry and Max away. They went home and the answering machine was blinking and Jake listened to the message and it was Uncle Rob. Read this story to find out what Uncle Rob says!


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5 Responses to The Mummy’s Gold by Kate McMullan

  1. T.C. says:

    I like your picture C.S. I like how the mummy is walking.

  2. cs says:

    I am the one who did the book reaport so I like the book because I like the mummie when he scares Henry and Max.

  3. A.B. says:

    The mummy is very cool!!!

  4. FG says:

    I might shriek if I read it!:)Monsters are funny in books because they can do odd things!!!It is FREAKY AWESOME!!! :)

  5. s.b. says:

    I have not read this book but If I read it I would think it will be interesting.