Riptide by Frances Ward Weller

If you like dogs or oceans and beaches, you should read Riptide by Frances Ward Weller, illustrated by Blake Roberts.

This book takes place on a sunny day at an ocean and beach in the summer. The main characters are Zachary, the kid, and Zachary’s dog Riptide. Riptide is like a yellowish, golden ball of fur. Zachary’s other name is Zach. Zach’s dad gets him a dog because he is very lonely and has no friends. He grows and grows, until he is as big as he can get. He likes to run miles on the side chasing Zach’s little surfboard. Riptide loves the beach, but Zach isn’t supposed to have Riptide on the beach. But Zach doesn’t know and he doesn’t see the sign right by him. This old man sees the dog on the beach and and says he’s going to chase it away. Riptide got scared and ran away but the owners coudn’t find him. While Riptide was gone, he spotted a little girl in the ocean who was sinking. Will Riptide save the girl? Will he get to go home? Read this book to find out.


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One Response to Riptide by Frances Ward Weller

  1. FG says:

    It sounds sad and romantic.I will try to read it.I want to see what happens!!!:)