Goldilicious by Victoria Kann

If you like gold and unicorns, then you should read Goldilicious by Victoria Kann.

This book takes place in the family room, backyard, forest, and treehouse. It looks like it is summer. The main characters are Pinkalicious and Goldie. Pinkalicious is a girl and Goldie is a unicorn. Pinkalicious and Goldie always play with each other every time. Pinkalicious has a brother. Pinkalicious, Goldie and her brother sometimes play in the treehouse and play tea party in the forest. Pinkalicious and Goldie sometimes play hide and seek, dance, and roller skate. Sometimes when they play a game Goldie likes to go to their little swimming pool . Goldie protects Pinkalicious from her brother when they play a game. On day when Pinkalicious, Goldie and her brother play Goldie gets lost. Is Goldie going to be lost forever? Read this book to find out. Sorry, I can’t tell you the ending.


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2 Responses to Goldilicious by Victoria Kann

  1. ll says:

    Does she turn gold?

  2. T.C. says:

    Why does she love gold so much?