Dolores Meets Her Match by Barbara Samuels

Do you like stories about kids and cats? Well, if you do, read this book, Dolores Meets Her Match by Barbara Samuels.

This book takes place in school on a warm, sunny day. Dolores is a little girls. She loves cats and loves playing vet. Her cat Duncan is a big, colorful and brave cat. At recess, Dolores sets up a vet stand. The next day a new girl comes in to the class. Dolores gets really jealous. Even at recess the new girl gets crowded by everyone. Dolores talks to her big sister Faye and gets really good information. The next day is their Halloween party. The new girl dresses up in the same costume as Delores. And NO one eats Dolores’s cupcakes. The next morning the teacher left a note on the chalkboard. ATTENTION CLASS! Can your pet do something special? Bring your pet to show-and-tell on pet day. (No dangerous insects please.) Thank you. The next morning the class brings their pets. Finally it’s the new girl’s turn. She takes her cat and puts her in the maze. Then Duncan starts to mess around on the maze. All of a sudden, the pets go wild! Find out what happens next by reading this book.


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One Response to Dolores Meets Her Match by Barbara Samuels

  1. E.L says:

    I like the pictire because Dolore is staring at her match.