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Monsters have captivated our interest for thousands of years!  They represent our fears, our reflection, the unknown…. They also allow us to define our “hero”.  This week as we read the epic Beowulf we will see one of the first and finest representations of what makes a hero and what makes a monster.

The syllabus for the week is posted.  Make note of reading assignments!  Do not wait until the last minute to start the reading or you will find it difficult to work through the ‘old English’.  You will also not be prepared to ask questions during class.

Hello Class (and visitors)!

I have great hopes that this will be a fantastic year. Many people might find the subject of English Literature to be a dry, dusty, boring bunch of books that are written in tiresome language and thoroughly impossible to enjoy.  In some instances they are right!

Let’s be honest, not everyone will have the same tastes in what they read, just like not everyone has the same tastes in what they eat.  However it is important that we gain exposure to a variety of different books, stories and even different lives.  We will share our opinions in class, in our own writing (some of which will be shared publicly, some privately). But your writing will rarely be just for my eyes.

So welcome, everyone.  If you give your honest attention, I will do my best to help you enjoy our time and make this class memorable.