Don’t Be Frank; Be You

Let’s be frank. Improving our lives is hard work. Why is it so hard? Seems like it should be as easy as breathing. So for a few seconds, try change the rate of your breathing: breathe slowly….deeply…slowly. Seriously, try it for me: breathe slowly….deeply…slowly. Adjusting your breathing for a few seconds is easy but by now, you are back to breathing in your regular pattern, aren’t you? So let’s be frank, all of human behavior is a pattern.  Want to change your home life? Work life? Feeling of self-worth? Change your behavior pattern – no one else’s, just yours. After all, the only pattern you can really change in any case is yours. When change your pattern of behaving, you change you change what results from your behavior – and that is how you change your reality. Thus, you have power to change your reality by working on you.

So what does Frank have to do with it? I met Frank when he presented his “why” through a personal 21 day challenge (see video here). Frank can speak four languages and still believes he needs to improve his life. So here is this young man from Kenya choosing to be kind to himself (exercising, eating better) and extraordinarily kind to those around him (paying for groceries, complimenting others).

When Frank decided he wanted a better life, he did not point out where others were shortchanging him, even though they may have been. Instead, Frank changed the only person he could change, himself. The assignment empowered him with voice and choice and required sustained inquiry over 21 days.

An article I read ended like this:  “… our job is to grow the most amazing humans possible”. So let’s be frank: I dare you and me to commit to living our “why” for 21 days in a row, reflecting each day on our actions. Will changing our pattern of behavior change the results of our behaviors and thus, change our lives? Ask Frank.

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