March Madness

When I got into the administration business about 20 years ago, I noticed a strange phenomenon. In about the middle of March, school people (myself included) began to ever so slightly unravel. It took some teeth clenching and positive self-talk to make it to the end of May; stress, panic, and more worry than usual gave us the 5th-cup-of-coffee kind of jitters. Those affected most brutally begin to talk faster, walk faster, and could be seen nibbling snacks while standing over a stack of papers, one foot jiggling nervously.

Some of us became more terse and volatile. Why did that happen? What causes this predictable annual phenomenon? Does the annual agitation hatch from deep in our brains due to the changing of the seasons? Was the more direct mid-March sunshine waking our souls from their winter hibernations, sending us into a “to do” list in a short time frame kind of urgency? When resetting our clocks for daylight savings time did we, of a sudden, realize we had but three months to get students college, career, and community ready (or at least ready for the next grade level?) After a three decades as participant observer in this crazy pattern of behavior, I conclude I have no idea as to the why; I only know the when. And it’s right about now, mid-March.

So what to do? Jim Stenejhem who worked with NDCEL shared the near-perfect worry tool with a group. Today I want to share that tool with you in the hopes you can have a less stressful, more joyful spring season. Hang in there folks. The ides of March have come but not gone, to quote a soothsayer.



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  1. Brenda Wegscheid says:

    Mrs. Uselman, So glad to hear you are coming home.

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