Cleveland, Tennessee 1999

It was a cold morning, on that Valentine’s Day in 1999, when Cleveland police responded to a call from Twanna Blair. Three people had been executed in an appartment. Blair was the only one alive. The three people, Cayci Higgins, Dawn Rogers, and Blairs cousin, O.J. Blair had been shot in the head and bound by the hands. Twanna Blair had been shot in the back.

There was something suspiscious about Blair from the beginning.Why did she not call the police until 7:3o a.m., when the murders happened before 3:00 a.m.? Last year, Twanna Blair was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder and perjury. It has taken more than a decade, but the evidence was finally coming together.

Blair was uncooperative during the investigation.

 “She told several different stories,” says Officer George Campbell. 

Police also arrested two other suspects, Mike Younger and Maurice Johnson. Detectives maintain it was Younger and Johnson who bound and murdered the victims. Police statements say the killings were retribution for a series of events at a party in Sweetwater.

Jury selection for Johnson’s trial will begin Tuesday morning and Twanna will be tried shortly after. Mike Younger was charged with three counts of murder and is facing the death penalty. Families are still haunted by the tradegy of the three young lives that were lost. Dawn Rogers’ daughter lost a mother.

“Grandma, I don’t wanna celebrate Valentine’s Day at all because that’s when my momma got killed.” says Rogers’ daughter this Valentine’s Day.

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