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IPv6 – The Sky is Falling…NDATL F2F Fall 2011

Link to the presentation for the NDATL Fall 2011 F2F conference.

IPv6 – The Sky is Falling (PDF)


Additional IPv6 resources:

Connect to WPSD Secure Wireless

If you have a login account with Williston Public Schools, you can access our secure wireless.

For a Windows 7 client:

  1. Make sure your wireless card is turned on
  2. Click on the network icon near the clock, choose Open Network and Sharing Center
  3. Click Manage wireless networks
  4. Click Add
  5. Choose Manually create a network profile
  6. Enter the network information:
    • network name: WPSDAES
    • Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise
    • Encryption Type: AES
  7. Click Next
  8. Click Change connection settings
  9. Click the Security tab
  10. Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP) should be selected in authentication method, click Settings
  11. Uncheck Validate server certificate
  12. Click Configure under Select Authentication Method
  13. Uncheck Automatically use my Windows logon name and password
  14. Click OK
  15. On the Security Tab again, click Advanced Settings
  16. Under 802.1x settings, check Specify Authentication Mode.
  17. In the drop-down, choose User Authentication.  You can click Set Authentication and enter your computer logon/password, or you can just wait until you connect to the wireless and it asks you for logon/password.
  18. Click OK enough times to close all dialog boxes.
  19. If you didn’t enter your logon/password in step 17, You should get a popup near the network icon to connect to the network, click on it, or click on the network icon, choose WPSDAES, and click Connect
  20. For authentication, enter your computer logon username and password.  If it doesn’t initially work, enter it in this format: wpsd\user -OR- user@williston.k12.nd.us.
  21. Note: if you are district office staff, you may have to use dist\user -OR- user@dist.williston.k12.nd.us

While unchecking Validate server certificate in step 11 theoretically offers a less secure connection, the certificates and security used are the same as if we used a validated server certificate.  The only difference is we use a self-signed certificate for our wireless instead of purchasing one from a certificate reseller like Verisign, Comodo, or others.

Outlook Setup for WPSD

Steps to configure Outlook 2010 to the WPSD Exchange Server and EduTech email.


  1. First, you should Pin Outlook to your Taskbar/Start Menu:
    1. Click Start
    2. Click All Programs
    3. Click Microsoft Office, right click Microsoft Outlook 2010, click Pin to Taskbar
    4. Repeat step 3, and choose Pin to Start Menu
  2. Now click on the Microsoft Outlook icon.  If you are a new staff member, you will have to continue through this tutorial.  If you are a returning staff member with a new computer, all of your Outlook settings from your old computer should have been transferred to your new computer, and you don’t need to continue with this tutorial unless you don’t see your email accounts.
  3. The first time you open Outlook, you’ll see a new account dialog box.  Click Next, click Next again.
  4. On Auto Account Setup, it should automatically fill in your computer user name, e.g. doejoh@williston.k12.nd.us.  If it does not, STOP and contact the tech department.  We need to create an Exchange account for you.  If you cancel out of the dialog and allow Outlook to open, you will need to follow steps I will post at a later date.
  5. After the Auto Account Setup, you will see a dialog with three green checkmarks, if any are red X’s, then you need to contact the tech department.  On this dialog, click Add Another Account.
  6. Enter your name, EduTech email address, and EduTech email password.  Click Next.
  7. You should see a dialog with three green checks.  Check Manually Configure Server Settings, then next.
  8. Click More Settings.
  9. You will see an Internet Email Settings dialog.  Click Sent Items.  Click the radio button for: Save sent items in the Sent Items folder on this computer.  It will save your sent items to your Exchange account.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. Your basic email information is now set up and Outlook should now open to your Exchange account

Configure Outlook to default to your EduTech account

In this next section, you will configure Outlook to open to your EduTech account by default and use your EduTech account to send items by default.

  1. To configure Outlook to open your EduTech account when you open Outlook, click File -> Options
  2. Click Advanced
  3. On the Outlook Start and Exit, click Browse
  4. In the dialog that pops up, scroll down to your EduTech account, expand, and select your Inbox.  Click OK.
  5. Next you need to set Outlook to send from your EduTech account by default.  If you don’t, Outlook will attempt to use your Exchange account, and that is configured for internal communications only.
  6. Click File, click on Account Settings -> Account Settings
  7. Click on your EduTech account.  Click Set as Default.
  8. You should now see (Send from this account by default) next to your EduTech account.

Configure the Address Book for Sendit/EduTech contacts

In this section, you will configure your address book to use the updated address list from our Exchange server.

  1. Make sure you are on the Home tab in Outlook, click Address Book on the right.
  2. Click Tools -> Options
  3. In the top set of radio buttons, choose Custom.  make sure Sendit Contacts is at the top of the list.
  4. In the drop-down at the bottom (When opening the address book…), make sure the Sendit Contacts at the bottom of the list is the one chosen.  Click OK.
  5. Close the Address Book, and click on the Address Book button.  Verify that the addresses in the list are of the format: Last, First – SENDIT

After you complete the above setup, close out of Outlook.  Reopen Outlook to verify that it opens to your EduTech email Inbox by default.  If not, run through the above steps under Configure Outlook to default to your EduTech account.

HTC Aria – Andriod Setup for WPSD

Boot the phone and do the initial setup.

Notes on phone.  The dot at the bottom is like the scroll ball on the Hero.  Slide your finger across it to move the text cursor.

If you have already set up your device (gone through the multiple Next presses and are at the Home screen), then you can either wipe your phone or set up the accounts individually.  Here are the options:

Option 1: configure accounts on phone that has been set up:

  1. Menu -> Settings -> Accounts & Sync.  Add your Google and Exchange accounts there.
  2. Programs -> Mail.  Menu -> More -> New Account.  Add your Sendit account here using the above settings.

Option 2: Reset phone to factory defaults:

  1. Power off phone.
  2. Hold Down Volume, press/release power
  3. On the menu, use vol down to choose Clear Storage, Power to select.  Then Vol Up to confirm.
  4. The phone should then reboot to factory state, and you can follow the guide above.

If your phone is active, you can just use the data plan, if not, you will get a SIM is not active, and have to configure wireless.

Tap Next, then Skip.

Leave Mobile Network or WiFi selected, tap Next

Setting up Wireless (can skip if data plan is active).

For wireless, leave Connect to Wi-Fi network checked.  If you have a data connection, you can uncheck this box.

Wait a few seconds for the wireless networks to show up.  Scroll down, and tap WPSDAES, WHSWireless, or any of our other wireless networks secured with 802.1x EAP.

Set a password for your credential storage, and remember it.

  1. For Identity, enter your logon name (for John Doe):  wpsd\doejoh – or- dist\doejoh
  2. Leave Anonymous Identity blank
  3. Enter your computer login password for password
  4. Tap connect
  5. After connected, tap Next
  6. Tap next.

Now you set up your various accounts, Google, Exchange, and Sendit (Other mail account).

Google Account

Google is relatively simple, just enter your username/password, then follow the prompts.

Exchange Active Sync (calendar, etc.)

For Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, email address is: username@williston.k12.nd.us, e.g. doejoh@williston.k12.nd.us

Password is your computer password

You will get a certificate warning.  Click Continue.

  1. For Server Address, add 101-europa., so it looks like this:  101-europa.williston.k12.nd.us
  2. Domain should be WPSD (DIST for district office staff).
  3. Check: This server requires an encrypted SSL connection.
  4. Leave Mail, Contacts, and Calendar checked.
  5. After tapping Next, it should be set up for your calendar and contacts.

EduTech/Sendit Email account

Now set up your Sendit account by tapping: Other Mail Account.

  1. Enter your Sendit email address and password, and tap next.
  2. Scroll to the top, change Protocol to IMAP.
  3. For username, remove everything after the @ symbol so it is just your username.
  4. Change IMAP Server to:  imap.sendit.nodak.edu
  5. Security type: SSL
  6. Next

Now outgoing settings:

  1. Change SMTP server to: smtp.sendit.nodak.edu
  2. Security Type: TLS
  3. Port: 587
  4. Next.
  5. On the next screen, change Your Name to the name you want to display on outgoing emails.
  6. Check: Make this my default mail account.