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  • paulette-carlson wrote a new blog post: 2 The Best of Bugs – STEM Prep Lessons   12 hours, 33 minutes ago · View

    Sites recommended for the STEM unit: Engineer Girl! Great site, spend time checking out the tabs to learn more about engineering and projects. —Write one fact about info on the website and be ready to share and hand it in. REVIEW these websites together in quick review. ASSIGNMENT: 1 – list the website that [...]

  • Jeff Fastnacht wrote a new blog post: A Special Day   3 days, 18 hours ago · View

    Thumbnail I realize this is kind of personal but I guess I have shared personal items on this blog before.  Monday was a special day for me, as I had the opportunity to officiate my first football game with my son, Josh.  Josh is a Jr at EHS and has spent his entire life watching his [...]

  • Jeff Fastnacht wrote a new blog post: Message from the NDHSAA – Kick off rules for 9-man.   4 days, 19 hours ago · View

    I have received a couple of calls in the office about the 9-man kickoff rules, so I thought I’d clarify.  For 9-man kickoffs, they are required to only have 3 players on each side of the kicker (11 man is 4 players on each side).  The rule is on page 86 of the rulebook under [...]

  • Jeff Fastnacht wrote a new blog post: Is School Too Easy?   5 days, 16 hours ago · View

    ThumbnailThis is the beginning of a philosophical debate.. but is school too easy? Should school, in general, be easier academically so as to be comfortable for all students, with the possibility of boring some students? OR Should school, in general, be more rigorous academically and challenging all students, with the possibility of leaving some students behind? [...]

  • Jeff Fastnacht wrote a new blog post: Illegal Helmet Contact – What is your crew discussing?   6 days, 15 hours ago · View

    With the emphasis this year on illegal helmet contact I wanted to take some time today sharing some information about this issue.  First, here is the statement from the NFHS on RISK MINIMIZATION  -  follow link to this publication We should all also be familiar with the rule on spearing, see rule 2-20-1 ART. 1 . . . [...]

  • Jeff Fastnacht commented on the blog post That is Amazing.. Or is it?   1 week, 2 days ago · View

    Andrew.. that is a great catch and yes you are correct. Great job by both you and Ryan.

  • Jeff Fastnacht wrote a new blog post: That is Amazing.. Or is it?   1 week, 2 days ago · View

    Hello everyone.  My apologies for missing last Saturday but with the start of school I was just a little bit busy.  However, with the full schedule of games starting this week I thought I would toss out this first video clip I found.  So is this amazing?  Is it legal? Rule 2-2 Hurdling is an [...]

  • paulette-carlson wrote a new blog post: Germs! Viruses! Oh no!   2 weeks, 2 days ago · View

    In our classroom, we may have the symptoms of some respiratory issues with coughing, stuffy noses, sore throats. So, refresh yourselves on some do-it-yourself preventive care!! Learn about germs. Virus and Bacteria Introduction: Color book in comic book form —> Viral Attack Coloring Comic Book Other Science coloring pages can be found at: Ask a biologist Here are [...]

  • paulette-carlson wrote a new blog post: Link to Science text and audio   2 weeks, 3 days ago · View

    Download your Science book into ibooks app on your iPad.  You should be able to open the pdf files of each Chapter of our Science book. Then, if you click on the audio file, you would hear the entire chapter read.  We will learn how to do this in class.

    Click below

  • paulette-carlson wrote a new blog post: Ch. 1 Cells…   2 weeks, 4 days ago · View

    Quizlet to review lesson on Cells. View the following video together in class (you may watch it again on your own as much as you want:) Classification_of_Living_Things 27 min. King Phillip Come Out for Goodness Sake (Kingdom, Phylum, class, order, family, genus, species)   Let’s learn about cells… Every individual living thing is made of smaller parts. The [...]

  • Jeff Fastnacht wrote a new blog post: Back to School Information for Parents   1 month ago · View

    Thumbnail The beginning of August is here and with that is the planning for back to school for many parents.  School is almost a month away yet many events are coming up quickly as you prepare for this special time.  Here is a list of important dates and activities for parents. Aug 10th – 14th is [...]

  • Jeff Fastnacht wrote a new blog post: Welcome Back   1 month ago · View

    ThumbnailIt always warms my heart to receive the little plump envelope from NDHSAA each year.  I open it was anxious excitement knowing that I have some studying to do, and that the season is just around the corner.  Welcome back everyone.  Hope each of you had a wonderful off season and that you are ready to [...]

  • Jeff Fastnacht wrote a new blog post: Hello I am New Here!   1 month, 3 weeks ago · View

    ThumbnailI have always been comfortable with change.  Change is constant in our daily lives and pace of change just seems to be getting faster and faster each passing year.  Yet, this year.. thus summer… Change is happening at Ellendale School in a wave. That wave is a tsunami of new teaching faculty and support staff all [...]

  • Sarah Mcfadden wrote a new blog post: Vocabulary without Worksheets   2 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    Summer is a great time to work on organizing my education related resources, finally digging into the tweets I’ve marked as a favorite and the websites I’ve bookmarked. As I was going through my tweet favorites I found one which fits perfectly into Dr. Marcia Tate’s 20 Strategies/Techniques to Engage the Brain. The article is on [...]

  • Sarah Mcfadden wrote a new blog post: Stop the Shouting   2 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    On June 15 and 16 over 170 ND educators attended a two day workshop with Dr. Marcia Tate . Day 1 was ” Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites ” and day 2 was  ” Shouting Won’t Grow Dendrites .”  During both days Marcia used a variety of Attention Grabbers to bring everyone back after discussion activities. I found some of the ones [...]

  • Jeff Fastnacht wrote a new blog post: How Is Your Vacation?   3 months, 1 week ago · View

    ThumbnailThis time of year always makes me smile. In good clean fun, I am sure, every time I enter Cenex or other places in town someone will surely ask me how I am liking my time off.  I understand their jab and again it is in clean fun.  But, I thought maybe some don’t understand what [...]

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  • paulette-carlson wrote a new blog post: Ch 12.4-12.5 Labs / Rotations – Electricity and Magnetism   4 months, 1 week ago · View

    Labs – Hands on for further understanding of Magnetism and Electricity Review expectations for all and talk about groups, etc. Today may just be reviewing and going through all of each, with the start on Monday. Lab 1) How Does Electricity Travel –Circuit Testing of Conductors and Insulators.  (wkst. 54) Lab 2) Series and Parallel circuits (wksts 55-56) [...]

  • Jeff Fastnacht wrote a new blog post: Don’t Let Them Tell You…   4 months, 1 week ago · View

    We are on the final days of another Legislative session and yet again some in Bismarck are touting the millions of dollars more they are spending on education.  They will tell you that they have approved 2% or 3% or more new money for your kids.  That may be true when you look simply at [...]

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