January 10th, 2014 – Meeting Minutes

President Terry Brenner called the meeting of Learning Forward North Dakota to order at 10:04 a.m at Regional Technology Center, Valley City.  Board members present were Jim Stenehjem, Laurie Stenehjem, Tabitha Lang, Ryan Townsend, Katie Heger, Jody French, Lyle Krueger, Kim Jones, Jennifer Carlson, Cynthia Jelleberg and Kim McVicar.

Approval of December 13, 2013, LFND Governing Board Meeting Minutes – Cynthia J moved for approval, Ryan T seconded the motion, motion carried.

Preview of Agenda- No additions

Treasurer’s Report- Missing 4 payments for the conference. Income = $12,280.00; Expenses =$7,072.80; Conference Balance = $5207.20; and Organization Balance = $9,161.00.  Jim S moved for approval, Jennifer seconded the motion, motion carried. Kudos were offered to the in-kind contributors to the conference and also to those that purchased books. Cynthia reported on using the books from the conference for their leadership PLCs. NDESPB cannot commit at this time for the future conference support due to their annual funding structure.

Old Business/Discussion

  1. LFND  2nd Annual Conference –Considerations. Tabitha commented that the survey results indicate that we’re giving participants what they want.  A lot of positive comments from attendees.

Tabitha asked how we might work with other organizations to provide PD.   Discussion and notes follow:  Lyle shared information on the conference being organized by himself (MREC) Corey Steiner (ITD), Ryan Townsend (DPI) and Angie Koppang (AdvancED). This will be a two day conference in Bismarck (August 5 & 6) on instructional strategies tied to school improvement (similar to previous school improvement camps). It will be offered to state wide attendees (100), targeting school leadership teams and school improvement teams. Fargo (SEEC, NESC? ?) will continue their RTI conference, as a resource in the eastern part of the state.  Terry indicated that there may be a PK-16 opportunity out in the future that LFND could be involved with.

Cynthia asked, “How can we get the best bang for our buck, since there are pockets of excellence out in the state that many are unaware of?”  Discussion and notes follow:

Ryan indicated that they have developed a strategic plan for the state wide common core efforts since they’re concerned with lack of coordination. A survey to interview teachers is being developed, in order to hear directly from classroom teachers. Their goal is to develop a network of PD providers to meet teachers’ needs, and that they will meet bi-annually and discuss PD opportunities in ND.  Jennifer attended a meeting for developing a tri-state group of providers.

Kim M. feels that the trickle down from learning gained through current PD opportunities doesn’t necessarily happen for those in the classroom that would affect student learning, and would like to see direct support to teachers. Jim S added that we have to go hand in hand, principals are critical in getting the message to help teachers interact with teachers. Ryan remarked that we need to address roadblocks to changing the culture, i.e. how do we help schools to find time for PD.  We’re trying to create transparency across the state of all the PD providers.   Terry reiterated that ‘Time’ and ‘Schedules’ need to be the variables, and students need to be the constant in creating a cultural shift in PD.   Those schools that have that figured out are advancing.  We need to influence the box that needs to be blown up.

  1. Volunteers for Conference Planning Committee –It was suggested that PD people from the REA might be interested to help out with planning.  An invitation will be developed and placed on the listserve.
  2. Dates for 2014, 3rd Annual Conference –  Kari Sauer has tentatively reserved the Radisson, November 6 & 7, which is deer hunting opening weekend.  Will look at other possible dates of November 5 & 6 (W & Th), November 19 & 20 (W & Th) or 17 & 18 (M & T). Discussion on the location brought consensus that the conference would stay centralized, perhaps moving to Minot.  Tabitha will work with Kari to look at availability to see if we could move from Bismarck on any of the suggested dates.

(Later in the meeting it was announced that Mon & Tues, November 17 & 18 in Minot at the International Inn, is available.)

  1. EduTech Service Proposal – Discussion included an estimation of costs provided as in-kind contributions from the past conference budget, approximately $2400, which included (but may not be inclusive of all services provided):  tech support, app creation, creation of flyers, agenda name tags, pocket folders, audio visual equipment, Kari’s time. Terry tasked the finance committee, made up of Jody, Lyle and Jennifer, to explore suggestions for reimbursement to Edutech and to bring a proposal to the March meeting.  Additional discussion included LFND’s social media presence that, as of now, EduTech has managed.  Katie H is interested in working with this.

New Business/Discussion

  1. Fiscal Agency Opportunities – MREC would like to see this moved from their responsibilities (BPS is their fiscal agent), due to staff workload and time issues.  Jim S shared that we have not registered with the state of ND as official entity.  We need this in order to have a checking account. Options to set up fiscal responsibility for LFND were shared with the board via a printed handout and discussed.  Katie H made the following points:  If we’re going to become a non-profit organization in ND, we could do the federal request for tax exemption as well.  We would need to have articles of incorporation written and we’d need to update our bylaws.  LFND records would then be open to the state.  Taking these steps would set us up as a professional organization.

Lyle moved to have LFND follow option B, which states “Open a check account and have the treasurer responsible for writing checks and making deposits, and keeping some form of accounting records. Would need to register with the state (ND Nonprofit Corporation Form, Cost $40), get a Tax ID (Employee Identification Number, No cost), and seek status as a non-profit organization.” Discussion followed and included:  Nonprofit status can be secured with the state or it can be done through the IRS (501 Non-profit status).  The Treasurer would be the contact name and address for the applications. When the Treasurer changes in upcoming elections, no costs would incur if the change is listed in the annual report (Form 990-N).  Jody stated she would not want to be the Treasurer with this option.  Jody asked if Jim Stenehjem would consider being nominated to serve as the Treasurer, and discussion followed on implications if Option C was considered.  There was a recommendation that NDLEAD be the fiscal agent under this option. The audit could run through an independent auditor, but this would be an unknown cost.  There is a 2 % administrative cost by NDLEAD to provide bookkeeping services. It was suggested that Kari S might be approached to continue to do the invoicing for outstanding conference fees through the blog site, to keep bookkeeping for NDLEAD to a manageable service. Hearing no seconds, the motion failed

Discussion followed on Option C, which states:  “Open a check account and run the book keeping through another organization and have them keep records, make deposits, and write the checks.  Pay the organization a fee to do so.  Would need to register with the state, get a Tax ID, and seek status as a non-profit organization”.

Jody moved that we request NDLEAD to serve as LFND’s fiscal agent, with the caveat that the NDLEAD board approves this action, and to provide them with a 2% fee of LFND’s revenue for their services. Lyle seconded the motion, motion carried.   Details on all aspects of the fiscal agent set up will be worked on by Jody, Katie, Jim and Lyle.

  1. Nominating Committee –
    1. Election of Officers – Cynthia presented the Board nominations for elections to include the following:  President – Tabitha Lang; President-elect – Ryan Townsend; Secretary – Kim Jones; Treasurer – Jim Stenehjem, Board Member at Large (1 position) – Amy Axtman, Sarah McFadden, Mike McNeff, Denise Soehren, and Tracie Welk.  All have agreed to be nominated.

Laurie asked for discussion on questions that need to be answered related to the procedures for notification and voting, as currently reflected in our constitution and by-laws.  It was recommended that we send out a ballot of the nominees for the member-at-large position 30 days ahead of time, as stated in the constitution, to all current members after today’s meeting.  Terry proposed that we get our officers in place, so transitions can take place, by voting for the officers of the executive board at today’s meeting.   The nominating committee will determine changes to the constitution for future elections.   Jody moved to accept the slate of nominees for officer poisitions as presented.  Lyle seconded the motion, motion carried.

Recommendations on the open board position included: Send out the list of nominees after the meeting to all members and providing 30 days for review.  A survey monkey will be developed for voting, which will be left open for voting for a timeframe of one week.  Results will be shared by nominating committee at the March meeting and the new person will start in April.  The nominating committee will make phone calls and ask that all nominees be involved in committees and subcommittees.  The newly elected board member will be a three year position.

  1. Discussion of Rotations  – Laurie reported that 12 positions will rotate, 4 will rotate each year.  Ryan is exempt as the DPI representative. Tabitha and new board member will have 3 year positions, making two – 3 year positions open.  Jim will have a 2 year position as Treasurer, making three -2 year positions open,  and four – 1 year positions are open.  Board members drew numbers, and the resulting rotations were established:

3 year – Jennifer C, Laurie S, new person, Tabitha L

2 year – Jody F, Terry B, Jim S, Katie H

1year – Kim M, Kim J, Cynthia J and Nancy Murphy

Continuing Membership by DPI Representative – Ryan T

Tabitha Lang, the new LFND President, was welcomed along with the other officers, and preceded with conducting the meeting at this point.

  1. LF National Conference (Dec. 7-11, 2013, Dallas, TX) Report–

Jim S reported that the preconference was impacted because of weather issues.  Formatting changes from previous LF conferences included: changing to a continental breakfast which was provided in the exhibit area; and only one key note speaker per day.  The ND attendees at the state reception included 3 from MREC, Karen from the NESC, Jim’s grant team (6); and Jim and Laurie Stenehjem. State reception was held with the Canadian group.  They are forming their own academy (US academy participants deal with federal legislation, which doesn’t impact them), and they want to connect with us. They are very eager to work with us and consensus by our board agreed to connect through other means than through their academy. Stephanie Hirsch encouraged our conference attendees to send a team, of 4 or 5 people, to the Summer Leadership meeting for affiliates, July 18-20 in Chicago.

  1. Frequency, Dates and Method, of Future Meeting.

Members commented on liking the opportunity being able to meet face-to-face.  A recommendation was made to meet 3 times a year for face-to-face meetings, the morning of the annual conference, a winter meeting, and a spring/summer meeting.

Future meeting dates proposed are:  Feb 14, March 14, April 7(Monday 11:00 AM)  & May 9 (face 2 face, in Valley City)  and June 13.  Ryan moved for approval, Kim M seconded the motion, motion carried.

Committee Reports –

Earlier in the meeting, members brought up the need to be a look at the membership of various LFND committees for restructuring purposes. Terry offered that he and Tabitha will work to identify the committees and their participants in order to help with those structures.

Membership/Communications Committee Report – Laurie S asked if we want to change our model of membership.  Currently, membership is determined from annual conference payment and attendance. Goal:  To be more inclusive and bring more members in. Discussion followed.  Katie H moved that we change our membership fee to $0.  Jody seconded the motion, motion carried. The membership application on the blog site will be updated to reflect this change, and Jody indicated that she will figure out how to add a welcome message when people sign up.  Conference fees will now be a separate fee.


  • Coming out on Wednesday, January 15, an announcement from the ETC Educational Technology Council on efforts to bring about the use of student achievement data to support instructional changes.
  • Samples of letterhead templates will be sent out to all board members for comments. A new URL for blog site will be ready in about a week to add to the template.
  • Cynthia is encouraged to disseminate information to members about the opportunity of an open LF academy position that is available through the NCEC. An accepted applicant from their REA is unable to attend.

Strategic Planning – Strategic Planning process was started.  A working document will be sent out at a later date and likely before the February board meeting.

Thanks so much to our past president, Terry Brenner, for leading our organization and heading up our strategic planning sessions.

Next Meeting Date- February 14 via Adobe Connect. Adjournment at 2:47 PM, by President Tabitha Lang.


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December 13th, 2013 – Meeting Minutes

Vice President Tabitha Lang presided over the meeting via Adobe Connect, in the absence of President Terry Brenner who was unable to attend. Tabitha called the board meeting of Learning Forward North Dakota to order at 11:06 AM. Board members present:  Tabitha Lang, Cynthia Jelleberg, Jody French, Lyle Krueger, Nancy Murphy, Laurie Stenehjem, and Kim Jones.   Kari Sauer joined the conference as a guest and resource from the Conference Planning Committee.

Lyle K moved that we wait to approve the November 15, 2013, LFND annual business meeting minutes at next year’s annual business meeting, to be held during the 3rd annual conference, and to recognize that the last board meeting minutes from November 8th had been approved during this year’s annual meeting. Nancy M seconded that motion.  Motion Carried.

Preview of Agenda-   No additions were requested.

Treasurer’s Report- Lyle K reported that he will make use of the conference planning budget spreadsheet for the treasurer’s report, noting that our two major expenses are the state annual conference and the expenditure to send members to the LF Affiliate meeting during the summer. This revenue/expense budget will be posted with the meeting minutes since a balance was not provided.

Old Business/Discussion

Review of LFND 2nd Annual Conference

1)    Survey Results – Kim shared some marketing considerations, and summaries of open ended questions from the surveys. Overall the speakers were well received along with the insights and resources that they shared. Three notable observations:

–       One comment on usefulness of conference content – The info on PD was not applicable for their role.  Observation: Are we not getting the message out that everyone needs to be involved in PD, for themselves, if not planning for others?  So perhaps more info on Personal Learning Networks?

–       An ah-ha moment- The whole idea of systemic change in schools through improving teacher practice, connecting PD to school goals, and making time DURING the school day for PD.  Observation:  YES, PD and systemic change, one in the same!

–       Recommendation – Advertise more to others, (parents, as well as other organizations) who are interested in education reform to get them to attend the conference.

Notable Quote:  “It is about building school district’s capacity and I believe that starts with a focus on professional learning”.  Terrific!

2)    Confirmed Registration Numbers -Lyle confirmed with Shelby (MREC) that 104 registered.

3)    Revenue and Expense Report – Lyle – The conference planning budget was reviewed.  Lyle will provide a more overall budget for the LF ND organization at the next meeting.

4)    EduTech Conference Proposal Draft -Tabitha presented a list of proposed services which Edutech would manage for LFND.  Services would include LFND twitter chat topic promotion on Wednesday nights #NDEdchat, and the following conference services: Tech support including 2 staff; credit coordination; Desktop Publishing creation and printing of flyers, agendas, and name tags; conference promotion through social media; conference mobile app creation and maintenance; site and hotel arrangements; equipment; and facility bandwidth coordination.  Costs will be presented when services are determined.   No cost contributions would include: maintaining the LFND blog, creation and distribution of LFND Highlights video, administrative assistant time, and 1-2 LF Webinars.

New Business/Discussion and Committee Reports were tabled until the next Board meeting, as board members dropped off the call (other obligations) while the meeting was in progress and a quorum was not maintained.

Adjournment – Tabitha adjourned the meeting at 11:43 AM due to a lack of quorum.

Respectfully Submitted, Kim Jones, Secretary


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November 15, 2013 – Meeting Minutes

President Terry Brenner called the annual meeting of Learning Forward North Dakota to order at 12:15 p.m.  All Board members were present along with members attending the on-site annual conference. One participant from LF Manitoba was in attendance and welcomed.

Approval of November 8, 2013, LFND Governing Board Meeting Minutes – Jody
French moved for approval, Cynthia Jelleberg seconded the motion, motion carried.

Preview of Agenda-Susie Atkinson moved for approval, Katie Heger seconded the motion, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report- 2013 FY carryover balance of $3,954.01, anticipated revenue and expenses from the conference, along with an anticipated LFND balance of $6,813.01 was reported to the membership. In-kind contributions to the annual conference are currently at $15,461.25. Nancy Murphy moved for approval of the Treasurer’s Report, Denise Soehren seconded the motion, motion carried.

Old Business/Discussion

A.  Professional Learning Committee Report – Tabitha Lang thanked the conference planning committee on their work for the Learning Forward ND annual conference.

1) Registration Numbers – Current attendee numbers stand at 97.

2) Budget – Tabitha noted the numerous in-kind contributions that made the conference possible, as reported in the Treasurers report.  The conference working budget is available for membership review on the YAPP mobile application.

3) Post-Conference Survey – The membership was directed to use their YAPP application to find the URL link to the post-conference survey, and to please fill this out to help with future conference planning.

B. Marketing and Promotion Strategies of LF North Dakota – Terry Brenner shared with the membership how the board is getting the message out about LFND.  See bullets on presentations given below.   Terry indicated that we may be able to collaborate with the ND REA directors on future events. Other avenues for exposure are through our website, which Jody French manages in real time, and email blasts.  We are still trying to connect with the state superintendent, but as of now, that hasn’t occurred.

  • NDCEL Fall Conference Breakout Session Report facilitated by Nancy Murphy & Cynthia Jelleberg
  • Presentation to NDREA Directors facilitated by Terry Brenner & Tabitha Lang
  • NDCEL Summer Conference Breakout Sessions facilitated by Terry Brenner & Kim Jones

Kim Jones mentioned that Denise Soehren suggested that we provide a break out session for the superintendents and elementary principals groups during their conferences this winter.

C. LF National Conference (Dec. 7-11, 2013, Dallas, TX)  – Terry announced the upcoming national conference for Learning Forward, commenting that it is one of the finest learning conferences that he has ever attended in the past. For members planning to attend, a reminder was given to attend the affiliate reception, to be hosted along with LF Manitoba affiliate group, being held Monday, Dec. 9, 6:00-7:00 pm, in the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, Texas Breakout Rooms 1 & 2.

New Business/Discussion

A. Nominating Committee Report & Election of Officers – Terry announced that due to the written policies in our organization’s constitution, the election of officers would be tabled until the next meeting.   The specific article is as follows:  Article V, Section 2 (a) The Nominating Committee, consisting of at least three members, will, at least one month prior to the election of officers, notify the voting membership of the proposed slate of Executive Board Candidates and oversee the election. Terry tasked the Nominating Committee to provide a slate of nominees, and to forward the information electronically to the membership in order to elect officers during the next board meeting.

Committee Reports

A.  Membership/Communications Committee Report – Jody French introduced the committee members she works with, Jennifer Carlson and Jim Stenehjem, and welcomed everyone as members, or continuing members, of the LF ND organization. Jody announced that plans are being made for providing more learning opportunities in the coming year, with a few small events, and she encouraged everyone’s comments on how the organization can better serve them.  More information will be shared with the membership by means of a list serve.

After discussion, the membership determined that the afternoon conference sessions would get started again at 1:00 PM to accommodate the flight schedules of our main presenters.

Adjournment – Kim McVicar moved to adjourn, Tabitha Lang seconded the motion, motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 12:45 PM.

Respectfully Submitted, Kim Jones, Secretary

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November 8, 2013 – Meeting Notes

The November board meeting was called to order at 11:00 AM by Vice President-Elect Tabitha Lang in the absence of President Terry Brenner. Others in attendance included:  Cynthia Jelleberg, Jennifer Carlson, Laurie Stenehjem, Jim Stenehjem, Kim McVicar, Ryan Townsend, Katie Heger, Nancy Murphy, Kari Sauer (Conference Planning Committee), and Kim Jones.

Approval of October, 2013 Meeting Minutes – Laurie S moved to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Cynthia J.  Motion carried.

Tabitha asked for additions to the presented Agenda.  Kim J asked that the conference working agenda be added to the Professional Learning Committee Report. No other additions were made.

Treasurer’s Report – No report was provided in the absence of the Treasurer, Lyle Krueger. Lyle and the Finance Committee provided the board with an itemized budget form to be reviewed for consideration as the Treasurer’s reporting form for LFND.

Old Business/Discussion

A. Professional Learning Committee Report – Tabitha Lang & Committee
– All is going well, with a final planning committee meeting to discuss final details being held this afternoon via phone conference.  After discussion concerning providing additional funds to the social committee for the purchase of door prizes, Jody moved that we utilize the current donations that are being provided and not to spend any additional funds.  Nancy M seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

– The conference registration number is at 97.  After discussion concerning late cancelations from participants receiving Teacher Support System (TSS) scholarships to attend the conference, Jody moved that the TSS will be exempt from the cancelation policy, as would other organizations supporting LFND.  Ryan T seconded the motion, Motion carried.

– Conference Budget:  Reviewed the selling prices for the book sales. Membership prices will be used, $48 and $16 respectively for the books posted. The current conference budget is viewed as a working budget, therefore, a motion to accept the budget was not required.

– Post Conference Survey – The URL was sent out prior to the meeting for review of the survey, which is essentially the same as last years.

– Working Agenda – Everyone is asked to review the working agenda to find the tasks they are responsible for.  Everyone will bring their own supplies as listed on the last page of the agenda, which they can drop off at any time on Thursday at the Ramada.

-Tabitha informed the board that one person from the Manitoba affiliate will be attending our conference, and that LFND will share a room at the national LF conference with the Manitoba affiliate for the social, Monday, Dec 9.

B. NDCEL Fall Conference Breakout Session –Nancy Murphy  – Nancy reported that she and Cynthia presented to a small group, but felt that it left them with a deeper understanding of LF.  They provided some interactive time for them to explore the standards and share how they’ve addressed them in their schools. The PowerPoint of the presentation has been uploaded to the blog site. Thanks to Nancy and Cynthia!

C. LF National Conference (Dec 7-11, 2013, Dallas, TX) – Attendees include Laurie and Jim Stenehjem, Tabitha L and Lenora Stevenson from EduTech, and Karen Plummer, PD Coordinator from the NESC.  A list of ND attendees can be requested from LF closer to the event so we have a listing of all attendees coming from ND.  Jim will make that request closer to Thanksgiving.

New Business/Discussion

November 15, 2013 Business Meeting Agenda Item – Tabitha/All

A. Treasurer Report
B. Fiscal Agent Possibilities
C. Welcome Manitoba Attendee
D. Term Rotations – A drawing will be held among the current board members to determine the term rotations.
E. Brainstorm PD or other benefits LFND could provide – Discuss what professional Learning should be offered during the next year, to include, what type of structure next year’s conference should follow.

  • Also, if the conference is self-sufficient, determine what services that Edutech might provide, rather than in-kind contributions.

F.  Upcoming Presentation Opportunities
G. Face to Face Date (s) for Board Meetings – Laurie asked about the possibility of a second face-to-face board meeting during the year, other than during the annual conference.  She commented on how meeting face-to-face was so beneficial to the conference planning committee and felt that the connections that are made are so important to an organization that is state wide.

Membership/Communications Committee Report – Jody French

–        Jody will spend a few minutes during the conference to discuss some information about membership in LFND, and will ask attendees what they would like to see as PD or other benefits from the LFND organization.  Jim commented that he would just be concerned about our capacity to deliver on the requests that are made.

  1. Alternative Fiscal Agent for LFND – Jody just reminded the board that because EduTech is a state agency, they would not be a good alternative as fiscal agent.  This discussion was tabled until Lyle K could be in attendance.

Future Agenda Items –
A. Strategic Plan
B. Other – Katie H asked about the possibility of the LFND being involved in social media participation in order to keep everyone engaged between annual meetings.  Tabitha reminded the board that we are beginning to utilize the mobile app, YAPP.  You can take pictures of the conference from your phone, and use the hash tag, which will feed back from Twitter to our app. It will integrate with other social media sites.  Otherwise, there will need to be a plan put in place to effectively work with social media.

NEXT Meeting Date:
November 15 (Annual Meeting, Bismarck, Ramada, 12:15- 1:15 PM)
Future Meeting Dates:  Friday, Dec. 13; Friday, January 10; Friday, February 14.

Nancy M moved to adjourn the meeting. Laurie S seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned at 12 Noon.

Respectfully Submitted by Kim Jones, Secretary LFND

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NDCEL Presentation

Cynthia Jelleberg and Nancy Murphy presented to administrators at the NDCEL Conference in October.  Though a small group of participants attended, the dialogue was highly valuable and our evaluations indicated all left with a deeper understanding of Learning Forward and the role of administrators in supporting professional learning in their school districts.

·       Used this  Learning-Forward-ND-PPT-10-17-2013-NDCEL Final to guide the group through information about LFND and PD Standards.

·       Conducted an activity where participants collaborated with a partner and reviewed descriptors of what highly effective school leaders do/look-like when supporting each of the LF standards, reflected on what they do in their district, and where they want to extend themselves.   Each team shared reflections for two standards.  These descriptors were paraphrased and gleaned from the Learning Forward Innovation Configurations.


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