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Winners of 11th Annual PoeTREE Contest

Congratulations to the winning poets!

  • 1st Place:  “Tomorrow” by Jackson
  • 2nd Place:  “You Think” by Catalina
  • 3rd Place:  “The Truth to Your Beautiful” by  Messina

 We had 15 original poems entered by our amazingly talented students.

Winners will receive laminated posters of their poems and FREE tickets to the 8th Annual Really Big Book Swap from May 9th – 16th!

Top three poems will also be on display by the Discovery Den.

11th Annual Poetry Blogging Contest, 2018

To celebrate National Poetry Month, we are asking Horizon students to submit their original poems to our “Horizon is Blogerrific” Blog by clicking on the title, “11th Annual PoeTREE Blogging Contest, 2018”  for this posting.

Please put both your first and last name in the “Name” box, and your poem in the “Comments” box.  (Your real name will be kept confidential on the blog, but If Ms. Berg doesn’t know who you are, YOU CAN’T WIN, even if your poem is really amazing…)

The deadline to submit poems is April 26th.

We will then vote online from April 30th – May 4th. Winners will be announced on Tues., May 8th. The top three poets will receive laminated posters of their original poems and tickets for FREE books from the May Book Swap!

VOTE NOW: 11th Annual Poetry Contest

TO VOTE (April 30th – May 4th):

1) Read through ALL the poems; there are more poems on PREVIOUS pages!

2) Click on TITLE of your FAVORITE poem.

3) In the “Comments” box, explain (IN DETAIL) why you think the poem should win!

Please vote only once.

The top three poets will receive laminated posters of their original poems AND tickets for FREE books from the May Book Swap!

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, May 8th.

May the best poets win!

Poem #1: Footprints

You can follow my footprints but you don’t have to fill my shoes.
You go through life like a journey taking different avenues.
What if one day that all went away and you had to follow the same path as everyone else?
We take the paths we have for granted like the grass with the morning dew.
Maybe instead we can appreciate the paths we have and be brand new.
So then your truly only have footprints to follow and aren’t stuck in someone else’s shoes.

Poem #2: The Truth to Your Beautiful

You need to be beautiful, it gives you

strength. You can never be beautiful enough.
I am not beautiful, nor are you.

Everything you just read was wrong.

Having strength makes you beautiful, and you
are so beautiful. The strength to move on,
to carry forward. The strength to get through
tough times, and be happy with what you have.
This is what makes you beautiful.

Our story, the bumps in the road, they’re what
make us stronger. You might have been through
a lot, or a little, but it all comes together to
bring you where you are now. Maybe you’d like
to be somewhere different, but I know, I’m
right where I’m supposed to be.

So take your story, take it and hold it,
right next to your heart. Although your story
may be ugly, you are not. Take your
hard past and embrace it, this is who you
are. You, the beautiful person you are, have
survived hard times, you are strong. You
are beautiful.

Poem #3: Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones

but words will never hurt me
Who came up with that?

Do you know how much your words hurt?
Cutting deeper than a knife?
Slowly working through my life?

Words burn like fire
Words bring tears
Words leave scars
Do you bully because you were hurt?
Did someone else treat you like dirt?

I won’t take your abuse anymore
Your hurtful words have lost their war

I will finally free myself from your words
Like an eagle I will rise above them
Leaving them behind while I soar
I won’t let your words hurt me anymore.

Poem #4: Middle School

Middle school is the hardest thing you will go through
Trust me on that I went through it
You feel like you can’t trust anyone
Even if you have friends
They might betray you
You that if you are going through a tough time and you can’t eat
I know that because I went through it
Even if you try you can’t help it but cry
I understand you feel pain
You have to let that go
Because you will get laughed at and hurt
By your friends
But you have to stay strong
And be yourself
Be unique
Who you are truly
You need to tell someone what you are going through
Even if it hurts to talk about it you need to push through it
I can tell you a couple things about that
Never be let down
Never be pushed to the ground
Do it one day at a time
Suffer through it no matter what don’t break down
I went through this and it is torture
But in the end you get friends for life
And you are always able to push through it.

Poem #5: Fortnight

Fortnight fortnight we’re the absolute best,
We take your loot then take a rest,
We wait just a minute so then we head west,
The storm can’t catch the absolute best

We discuss where we will land,
Then jump off the battle bus,
Were super fabulous

Ya were so good,
We take so many dubs,
You just can’t compete,
Were having so much fun

Chug jugs and launch pads,
Shield pots galore,
We use them all and more

We make the biggest bases,
We have the best fights,
We win every one,
And sleep a good night

C4s and mini shields,
boogie bombs omg,
Were so good,
Were so good,
You just can’t compete

We got them scars,
Were the best by far,
Ya were the best by far

We play squads, duos,
Solo and mobile,
We always take them dubs,
You wish you could join the club

We land at tilted if we’re feeling lucky,
But we still will take dusty for the boyz,
If we land salty you already know we won,
We have too much fun

Supply drops and chests,
Were always the best dressed,
Ya were on a quest, To be the best

We dance every time we get kills,
Just hand over some bills,
We the best still

Fortnight fortnight we’re the absolute best,
You can’t beat us, we beat all the rest

Poem #6: Free

Like a bird, without its wings, I cry
Wishing to be free to fly
Wishing I didn’t have to live this life of mine
Wishing I had something else in mind
But then I see
There is nothing left to desire but this wish of mine

Life is a sour patch
First come the sour and hard parts of life
Then come the sweet a soft parts of life
There is a time for everything
Even when you think you are done with everything
You’re not
Life won’t let you let yourself down
Life will tell you” push on, push on”
And it is up to you to listen
Will you?

It might take ten, twenty, maybe thirty years to realize
But you soon will find out
That life isn’t a complete waste of time
But when you realize, there won’t be any time.

Life is a clock, it Ticks and it Tocks
But time will one day stop
Your life bucket will one day drop
Your enemies will one day be on top
But who says that you have to stop
Who says that you can’t live life to the fullest
Other than you,
So live your life, like you’ve never done before?
Live freely?
Free from worries?
Free from dangers?
And free from hate?
But that isn’t a real life
That is a fake life
You have to live life with the hate, with the dangers, and with the worries because you learn from it, and that’s what makes your life better, than what it already is.

Poem #7: See

You’ve not yet seen a sunrise
That could light the sky on fire
With a throbbing crimson heartbeat
Painting colors ever higher

You’ve not yet seen a kingdom
Made of oak and evergreens
Stretching always to the sunlight
Through their emerald canopies

You’ve not yet felt the wonder
Of the universe at night
When the stars glow white with longing
And the moon is set alight

You’ve not yet heard the stories
Whispered only by the breeze
Dancing through the summer evenings
Right before the autumn freeze

And though you have a map
Of your hometown inside your brain
Of every crack in every sidewalk,
Every rusted gutter drain

And though it often feels
That you have simply seen it all,
Every name carved in your school desk,
Every brick in every hall

Remember that the world
Is so much more than you or me
And you’ve so much left to say
And even more to hear and see

So you’ve not yet felt a day
In which the world wasn’t still,
But elsewhere, the world is dancing,
And someday, I know, you will