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Winners of Poetry Contest, 2014

1st Place – “The Cat”

2nd Place – “Petrified”

3rd Place – “Love”

Congratulations to all the talented poets! Please stop by the library ASAP for your very own photo shoot, which we will make into a poster to be displayed in the library. You will also get your own laminated poster!


7th Annual Poetry Blogging Contest, 2014

To celebrate National Poetry Month, we are asking Horizon students to submit their original poems to our “Horizon is Blogerrific” Blog by clicking on the title, “7th Annual Poetry Blogging Contest, 2014”  for this posting.

Please put both your pen name or alias AND  your first and last real name in the “Name” box , and your poem in the “Comments” box.  (Your real name will be kept confidential on the blog, but If Ms. Berg doesn’t know who you really are, YOU CAN’T WIN.)

The deadline to submit poems is April 17th.

We will then vote online from April 22nd – April 25th and the three winning poets will receive their very own posters.

TO VOTE (starting April 22nd): 1) Click on the title of your favorite poem; 2) In the “Comments” box, explain why you think that this poem should win – be specific!


Poem #3 – The Cat

The Cat is like Rubber
It is Just Right
The Cat is a Tiger
A felon in the Light
The Cat is like me
Skillful in the Night

The Cat is happy
It is just so funny
The cat is so Cool
That is hates the Pool
The Cat loves Sleeping
Just cause no one is weeping

The Cat is like Rubber
It is just Right
The cat is a tiger
A felon in the Light
The Cat is like Me
Skillful in the Night

The Cat is happy
It is so funny
The Cat is so kool
That it hates the Pool
The Cat loves sleeping
Just cause no one is Weeping

Poem #2 – Petrified


Paralyzed or minimized
Can’t do anything
Still in shock


This is when you would be

Fall off a cliff
Kick a dog
Working on a sculpture
and it falls

See a spider
Cut your thumb
Get sucked into a tornado

Crash a car
Burn your house
Go into a lake with
no swimming knowledge

Have stage-fright and go on a stage
Get sighted by a shark
Find out your bed is full of ants

Get stuck in the snow
Listen to Justin Bieber
You’re in a mall
and your pants fall down

Eat a worm
Get mauled by a bear
Fart in your girlfriend’s face

Get stuck in a toilet
Beat a hyena
Get locked into a girl’s bathroom (Aaahh!)
P-E-T-R-I-F-the rest

Poem #1 – Love


Love is like a snowflake in the cool winter, it is so different you will never find anything like it.

Love can come and go before you even blink.

but it’s the most beautiful thing while it lasts, the taste of love is bitter and sweet.

Sometimes it comes and goes, sometimes it never leaves.

Love can be turned into the most beautiful things ever.

Sometimes something comes and destroys love,sometimes it never lets it start.

Some want it to stay forever,even though we all know that everything has to go in due time.

So be happy and joyful for love,because when you are in love nothing can touch you.

Love puts you out of harms reach.Love makes you feel better when you are upset, hurt, sick, or disappointed.

Love helps you up when you are down,keeps you from getting weak,and it changes the way you look at life.

Love shows that no matter what happens,there are always more snowflakes in the air.

So never stop searching,when one melts go find a new one.

Never lose your hope in love.

Why does love have to come and go?

Is it because it is like joining the crowd of other snowflakes,or is it because we are too selfish to share the last gleaming snowflake with others?

When people are in love their hearts should connect,not just one heart try to connect to the other.

Some say love is like a dove, but how so?

Doves come and go but snowflakes,can stay all winter and no one will ever notice.

A snowflake can take many different forms for no two snowflakes are alike.

love takes different forms in everyone’s heart.

“The Warriors” by h

have you read the warriors? it is a good series about cats surviving in the forest.

Questions about “A Child Called It” by aj

What ever happed to the mother in “A Child Called It?”

“The Face on the Milk Carton” by mw

You guys should check out The Face on the Milk Carton. It’s about a girl who sees her face on a missing sign on the milk carton. She wonders, “I was kidnapped?” I really hope you guys can read this. It’s a fun book to read. And when your done, there’s the rest of the series to read.

“D. N Angel” by panda party

I do not know about you but I like D.N.Angel. In D.N.Angel book 1 they tell you the names. their names are, Wiz,Dark,Satoshi,Risa and Riku Harada, Takeshi,and Daisuke.

“Divergent” by yolo429

Have any of you read Divergent? I really liked the book! I would recomend this book to people who don’t like to put a book down, and like books sort of like the Hunger Games!