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Winners of Poetry Contest, 2015

1st Place – “What We Can’t See”

2nd Place – “You’re Beautiful”

3rd Place – “Girl Who Was Invisible”

Congratulations to all the talented poets!  Winners will receive laminated posters of their poems. We will also have their poems on display by the library.


8th Annual Poetry Contest, 2015

To celebrate National Poetry Month, we are asking Horizon students to submit their original poems to our “Horizon is Blogerrific” Blog by clicking on the title, “8th Annual Poetry Blogging Contest, 2015”  for this posting.

Please put both your pen name or alias AND  your first and last REAL name in the “Name” box , and your poem in the “Comments” box.  (Your real name will be kept confidential on the blog, but If Ms. Berg doesn’t know who you really are, YOU CAN’T WIN, even if your poem is really amazing…)

The deadline to submit poems is April 24th.

We will then vote online from April 25th – May 1st and the three winning poets will receive their very own laminated posters of their original poems.

TO VOTE (starting April 25th): 1) Click on the title of your favorite poem; 2) In the “Comments” box, explain why you think that this poem should win – be specific! Please vote only once.


Poem #10 – I Live, I Love, I Laugh, I Cry!

I live, I love, I laugh, I cry.

When I fall I might bleed, and sometimes I might even cry, but I get right back up.

When you make a joke I laugh at you. I have family that I love and I live in an amazing home that I’m thankful for:)

You can laugh at me when I fall down and cry, you cant hurt me, but what will hurt me is treating me like I’m not human and treating my parents rude.

Poem #9 – Bye Bye

Days, weeks, months; I wait and I pray.

For one day, I know that it will come,

But when?

I have days with sadness and days with worry.

Not one day passes by without it.

A beautiful and amazing cold, January day soon turned into the worst .

I thought I had prayed hard enough, but I guess I didn’t…

Bye bye Grandpa.


Poem #8 – The Girl Who Was Invisible

No one listened to her words.

No one saw her beautiful face.

The girl who was invisible.


The world never noticed her spirit.

She lived her life in sorrow.

The girl who was invisible.


No one to talk to,

No family to come home to.

The girl who was invisible.


Poem #7 – What We Can’t See

Looking around,
Lying on the ground,
All around town.

A world all alone,
Full of unknown,
A lot it has grown.

Forever hidden,
Though not forbidden,
Secrets over-ridden.

Everyone has them,
Some even condemn,
But they are our stem.

Mysteries unfold,
We are all gold,
Come out of the mold.

Within each person must be,
A special key,
That we can’t see.

Poem #6 – Christmas Clutter

Twas the night,

Before them all,

To clean the mess,

Of towers tall.

Filled with food,

Stale of course,

Stacked upon,

That old wooden horse.

The wrapping paper,

The decorative bows,

Scattered around,

In messy rows.

Not to mention the furniture,

The finest of its day,

Scattered all around,

In every which way.

But the worst part,

Was the dish wall,

Color: dirty,

Variety: all.

Time to put,

All the blame,

On no other than,

She who must not be named.

But that of course,

Would not go by,

I have to escape,

I wish I could fly!

I’m cornered now,

I know not what to do!

Oh, no, my break will fly,

And away it flew!

But my mom of course,

Has that one perk,

That one that can force,

One to go straight to work.

There goes my break,

I wish I could have fun!

But she just handed me a broom and said,

“You better get to work, you have a lot to get done.”


Poem #5 – Lake Cabin

Candy!  Money!  Makeup!  Starbucks!

Your attention

Tell adventure

Had this summer

Lake cabin


Hot, dry summer

Family bought a lake cabin.

Family have friends up.

From Bismarck, but they moved

Lake cabin


Eagle Lake

Jet ski and boat

Skis and two tubes


Lake cabin


Eat at Rockies

See’s Candy

La Pasta

Mini golf course

Lake cabin


Seeing you there

Don’t have a lake cabin?

Should get one

Lake cabin


Poem #4 – The Funeral

My grandpa was in the hospital.

There was a terrible storm.

The funeral was next week.

Getting to see my family and my cousins.

We all went to church.

Memories of my wonderful grandpa.

How funny he was!

We ate a delicious supper.

We watched a movie.

Tired from a long day.

We left for church again.

There was a potluck.

The funeral.

Everyone including me started to cry.

World War II Veteran Tears went dry as the coffin hit the ground.

We all learned a lesson that day.

Life is not a game.

He was a really good man.

It happens to everyone.

Poem #3 – Love

You’re always there for me.  I hope you agree.

You’re very nice.  I could say that twice.

I love you all the time.  You are worth way more than a dime.

You are great to have around.  You deserve a crown.

I wish I could see you more.  You are like a mentor.

I can never stay mad at you.  I think you already knew.

You are so funny.  As if I was a baby.  And you tickled my tummy.

I will always love you. And that will always be true.

I want you to know. You’re the best around.

Nothings ever going to change my mind.