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Winners of 12th Annual Poetry Blogging Contest

Congratulations to the winning poets!

  • 1st Place:  “Scars” by Dakota
  • 2nd Place:  “A Gamer’s Secret Personality” by Kyler
  • 3rd Place:  “There’s a Monster Under my Bed” by Campbell

We had 26 amazing poems entered by our talented students AND over 230 votes were cast. Thanks to everyone who participated this year by either being brave enough to submit their original work or by taking the time to vote and provide poets with supportive feedback.

Winners will receive laminated posters of their poems and FREE tickets to the 12th Annual Really Big Book Swap from May 7th – 13th!

Poets, stop in ASAP to claim your prizes AND to let me know if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Top three poems will also be on display by the Discovery Den.

Poem #26: Scars

I used to put my ear against the wall
To hear the screaming to hear the fall
I decide not to tell a single soul
sometimes I want to let everyone know

I’m broken but I’m happy
Im bound but I’m so free
And all the scars inside me nobody will ever see

When I was a kid I got pushed around
And when I get pushed I fall to the ground
I get a new scar everyday
Sometime I just want to say

I’m broken but I’m happy
I’m bound but I’m so free
And all the scars inside me nobody will ever see

And all these scars inside me now everybody can see

Poem #22: A Gamer’s Secret Personality

A poem about gaming, how can it be?

It’s just a screen.

You’re wrong; it can be anything.

Parkour course, a sand desert.

Whatever it is, I’m sure it has lore.

From minecraft all the way to fortnite

it could be anything.

Above and beyond how the game is made

they put so much work in it.

It is colorful, smooth, and unique.

But we gamers play it 24/7

judge every pixel of a game.

We never show our personalities outside but in the game world you open your eyes.

So we lay low and try to be secret,

hide our personalities and uniqueness.

You only see the real us when you play our game today. So get on and experience our secret world every day. With different personalities than real life.

it is fun and entertaining.

Any and every game has the same goal

to entertain the viewer that is playing.

When it reaches midnight you better stop playing or else you will be stuck playing till morning.

Poem #20: There’s a Monster Under my Bed

There’s a monster under my bed
I said that as a child
There’s a monster under my bed
I said that for a while
But as I grew I soon knew
There was no monster under my bed
The real monster that I fear
Is inside my head

Vote Now: 12th Annual Poetry Contest

TO VOTE (May 1st – May 6th):

1) Read through ALL the poems; there are 26 AMAZING poems, total! It is going to be very difficult to choose this year…

2) Click on TITLE of your FAVORITE poem. Please vote only ONCE.

3) In the “Comments” box, explain (IN DETAIL) what you like most about the poem.

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The top three poets will receive laminated posters of their original poems AND tickets for FREE books from the May Book Swap!

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, May 7th – the same day that the Book Swap begins!

May the best poets win! 

Poem #25: Seven


Not bad at all
Ending with a blast


Math not included

Not bad
Super cool
Hour and a half

Don’t want to leave
Imagine your in the book
Not going to leave
Going to stay

Sweet Something awesome
Ongoing Top ten
Chill U will want more
Imagine way back then Different countries
Awesome I want more
Likeable Egypt
Super cool

Heck will it ever stop
Over loaded
On homework high
Ruh row raggy homework wave
Keeps me busy

Poem #24: Wilted Flowers

There I was
a wilting flower
brown, brittle, uncared for,
then you came along
with hair of the sun,
hands of care,
eyes of water,
and spirit of health.
You found me,
picked me up
gave me light, health, and drink,
caring for me all the way.
Some days you didn’t come
but no matter the time away
you always came back.
You would care for me,
and I started to care about you!
But little did I know
all along
you were the wilted flower
and I was the gardener
caring for you.

Poem #23: The Truth of Death

My path runs quickly
Like mountains in the background
You wake up one day,
And you don’t know how you got there
You wonder,
“How long have I been asleep.
Where have I been?
Why is nothing recognizable?”
Everything is different
From the last time you woke.
Years have passed,
And years are passing.
You know that someday,
with absolute precision,
You will die.
Then comes the choice.
To go back to sleep,
And hope that next time
You wake you will have resolved yourself,
And you will be happy.
Or you can choose to stay awake.
To struggle with
These unsatisfactory surroundings,
To create something, anything
To love.
If you hide from death
You hide from life.

Poem #21: No Matter How Much I Try

No matter how much I try
I’ll never be as pretty as her
I’ll never have her perfect teeth
Or her wonderful posture
I’ll never have her gorgeous hair
Or her extremely beautiful eyes
All the boys think she’s amazing
It isn’t any surprise
She gets everything she wants
And everything I want too
I wish she felt the pain I feel
But there’s nothing she can’t do
She has more friends than I do
She always has new clothes
But there’s something about her
That nobody else knows
She’s mean and never kind to me
She’s one of my worst fears
And everytime she calls me ugly
I have to hold back tears
I’ve never told her how I feel
That’s how it’s got to be
Because she says that without her
No one would ever like me.

Poem #19: Close Your Eyes and Count to Three

Close your eyes and count to three
Everything will be fine

Think of something you want to see
Everything will be fine

Be the person you want to be
Everything will be fine

Take the pills for anxiety
Everything will be fine

Forget about what the world will see
Everything will be fine

Try to relax, remember to breathe
Everything will be fine

I have tried these things over 1000 times
Everything isnt fine