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The impacts of behavioral health concerns impact all of us.  It could be our neighbor, our friend, or a loved one.  The negative impacts of these concerns have already impacted health care, EMS, churches, and the teachers in your community.  This is not a BIG city concern.  This is an everywhere concern and Ellendale is just one part of it.  A discussion has already started on how we can work together to support and help.  Are you willing to speak openly and honestly about it?

The Ellendale Behavioral Health Taskforce hopes you are ready to help.   The taskforce was convened for the first time in January of this year.  It was brought together by the leadership team at Ellendale School and included representatives from Prince of Peace Care Center, Dickey County Health, Dickey County Social Services, community counselors, teachers, and Ellendale School principals and Superintendent.  The taskforce has met four times with the goal of identifying behavior health needs, identifying and unifying support systems that are presently available, and lastly working to determine what additional services are needed in our community.

Our work has been tremendously beneficial in connecting all the services in these separate agencies.  However, we have progressed to the point that we need you.  We need to discuss these issue with a larger group of stakeholders and community leaders.  We believe that the community policy makers and concerned citizens now must engage in this discussion if we are going to truly help those in our community that are suffering.  That is why we have scheduled a community forum.  We are inviting all community boards, policy makers, and leaders to join us.  We are inviting representatives from agencies in our community that deal with behavioral health concerns.  We are inviting community members that wish to engage in this discussion.  We have enlisted the help of Mrs. Jodi Bruns, Area Extension Specialist, to assist us in organizing this community discussion.  The forum will be held at 6:30pm on Wednesday, April 18th at the Ellendale School.  We hope you can join us.