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xbehavioral-counseling-ccap-jpeg-pagespeed-ic-s2h3ieipp7truamaBehavioral health is the scientific term for the emotions, behaviors, and biology related to a person’s mental well-being, their ability to function in every day life, and their concept of self.  Behavioral health includes both mental health and substance use.  Behavioral health looks at how behaviors impacts a person’s health, physical and mental.  Some examples of could be depression, anxiety, ADHD, or schizophrenia.  It can also include substance abuse, eating disorders, and self-harm.

Reflect for a moment, thinking about this broad definition, and think if any behavioral health issues, your own or others, have impacted your life?  I believe the majority of us would say yes.  These issues are not new.  However, their impact on us is growing.  The Annie E. Casey Foundation found that North Dakota teens are three times as likely to commit suicide as their peers nationwide.  Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among our kids aged 15-24.  That should be alarming to everyone.

Behavioral health is more than just depression and suicide.  In a study published in Psychiatric Services it reported that more Americans than ever before are suffering from mental and emotional distress.   More of our friends and family are experiencing anxiety, stress, and addiction disorders.  Have you noticed it?  Have you noticed that more of those around us are suffering?  I believe if you take an honest look you would say yes.  The question for you and I, and our community, is “What are you going to do about it?”.

The impacts of behavioral health concerns impact all of us.  It could be our neighbor, our friend, or a loved one.  The negative impacts of these concerns have already impacted health care, EMS, churches, and the teachers in your community.  This is not a BIG city concern.  This is an everywhere concern and Ellendale is just one part of it.  A discussion has already started on how we can work together to support and help.  Are you willing to speak openly and honestly about it?