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The summer months, despite school not being in session, can be filled with many changes.  It is the time of year that custodians hustle and bustle to hit every corner of the school in preparation for the upcoming year.  Summer is the time supplies are ordered and received and when teachers are busy training on various educational items.  Education is still taking place as well as we complete drivers education along with some specialized summer courses.  Summer is such a unique season for those of us still in the building.

This summer we have been planning for several changes for the upcoming school year.   These are:

  • New HS Schedule – with the reduction in 7-12th grade teaching faculty changes were made to the 7-12 class schedule.  Student’s should have a copy as they were provided to them last spring however, if you need a copy one will be on the EPS website in the first week of August.  The retirement of Mr. Ulmer is shifting some of the social studies courses to Mrs. Klipfel.  She came to EHS with a strong background in the social sciences.  In the science department with the departure of Mr. Sykora you will see that all science courses 8th-12th will now be taught by Miss Moe.  This will force some students to move their course selections as there will be few double sections in this department.  The 7th grade science classes will be taught by Mrs. R. Middlestead in the HS wing to accommodate the kids moving around the building.
  • STEM Training – Over the past year EPS in cooperation with VCSU has been training several teachers on how to incorporate STEM activities into their courses.  This summer we took the opportunity, during a second round of this training program, to additionally train Mrs. Land, Mrs. Smith, and Miss Powell.  They will be concluding their training shortly and you should look forward to see not only activities in your child’s classroom but also at a public event.
  • Redmond Home – About a year ago the Redmond family graciously donated the home to the east of the gym to the school.  At the time they donated it they cautioned us about concerns with the building including significant deterioration in the basement along with a sewer problem.  Over the past year the school board looked at several options for the property including parking, instructional area, storage options, and leaving the house untouched.  It was their eventual decision to demolish the home to reduce both liability and maintenance while they further discuss options for the property.
  • Roy Lynde Improvements – Much of these have already been in the Dickey Co. Leader but to recap a new scoreboard was installed in the spring.  The Ellendale Park Board in partnership with EPS is just this week installing a new sprinkler system to the entire baseball/football field.  The present sprinkler was thirty years old this baseball season and needed significant repair.  Finally, hopefully completed by early September, will be a new press box near the center field fence.  The press box is a school project and will benefit us in providing broadcasting options for all Thunder games at the facility.
  • ICU Database – I spoke about ICU in a previous post so if you want to know more just read my post from May of 2017.  This fall will mark the first full year of implementation of our new ICU database and parent notification system.  Parents of students in grades 7-12 will now be able to receive almost instant updates when their child is unsuccessful at an academic task.  The HS staff and leadership believe this new system, which will text and email you, will promote communication and a joint partnership between parents and teachers in the education of their children.
  • CREAM – This fall will also mark the roll-out of courses designed for Jrs. and Srs. that may be unprepared to fully enroll for college coursework.  Unfortunately each year we have students that enroll for college coursework to only be turned away from traditional freshmen enrollments due to a poor ACT score.  These students are then required to take remedial coursework, at college, which costs them money, time, and they earn no credit.  This year EHS will be working to “leverage the senior year” to provide these students additional opportunities to meet the academic enrollment options before they even step on a campus.

Well summer is nearly over.  Welcome back to school letters have already went out to teachers and staff so we are nearly ready to get started.  Registration for students runs Wed., August 9th through Tuesday, August 15th.  The office will be open and principals here to assist you.  Classes will begin on Wednesday, Aug 23rd.  See you all then!