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Over the weekend I ran into several parents that wanted to share their “Back to School” stories with me. They were precious stories of kids excited about school, nervous new parents, and hopeful aspirations. For those that shared, thank you. But, during these encounters I thought it was probably more important to say THANK YOU to you. So,….
Thank you parents for entrusting your most prized possession in the world with us, Ellendale School. On behalf of the bus drivers, cooks, aides, teachers, administrators, office staff, everyone one of us, please know this is not a task we take lightly. We appreciate your trust to let us help raise and nurture your child. I want to reassure everyone that we spend every day working to bring forth the very best your child can provide. Be it their academic excellence, their artistic abilities, or athletic prowess we wish to see the very best from each and every child . We want to see your child, every child, flourish and grow into the very best they can be. Thank you for giving us the opportunity this year to again work with your child. Thank you for trusting us. It means more than you will ever know.

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Ellendale School would like to welcome our new faculty and staff for this coming school year. From left to right we have:
Mrs. Reis – Nicole was with us last year working as an instructional aide. This year she has taken the role of teaching Family & Consumer Science.
Mrs. Seefeld – Darcy and her family are new to the community coming to us from Fargo. Darcy has experience in child care and will be an instructional aide at the Maple River Colony school.
Mrs. Arndt – Tricia is our new speech language pathologist and works for the James River Special Education Unit.
Mrs. Riggan – Sherri was recently in the news as the wife of the Nazarene Church pastor. She is also a new teacher also within the James River Special Education Unit. Her expertise is working with students with emotional or behavior needs.
Miss Betting – McKenzie is the new K-12 music instructor. She should also be familiar as she is an alumni of EHS.
Miss Moe – Christine comes to us from Minnesota and will be taking the role of H.S. Science teacher. This is her first teaching position.
Miss Olson – Alexis is also starting her first teaching position. She will be teaching K-3 at the Maple River Colony.

Welcome to each of you and I wish you an exceptional year. Parents and community members if you see these new faces around town please don’t be shy. Introduce yourself and please welcome them to Ellendale.