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The beginning of August is here and with that is the planning for back to school for many parents.  School is almost a month away yet many events are coming up quickly as you prepare for this special time.  Here is a list of important dates and activities for parents.

Aug 10th – 14th is registration week.  Any new students, including kindergarten aged kids, are encouraged to stop by the office during work hours.  During registration you can meet with your child’s principal, arrange grade and class placement, pay fees, and ensure that the school has all the necessary documents for your child’s record.  Be aware new students we must have a ND Immunization form, copy of a child’s birth certificate, and any previous academic records on file before they begin.  In addition we will need to complete the required registration documents, and assist you with lunch accounts, activity fees, ELL survey and much more.

Fee Payment – If you are new or returning online fee payment is now open.  You can go to our web site at www.ellendale.k12.nd.us and click on the PaySchools button in the bottom right portion of the main page.  If you need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Back to School Newsletter – this will be sent to all families, that we have registered or returning, the first week of August.  It is PACKED full of valuable information on back to school, free/reduced applications, and much more.  Be watching your mailboxes for this.

PeeWee Football and Westberry Dance are both community programs that will be taking registrations for students in August.  Football will be on Monday, Aug 10th between 4-6pm at the school.  Westberry Dance will be Monday, Aug 3rd between 4-6pm also at the school.  For Westberry Dance you can also find information online here.

Athletics will begin in earnest in August.  Here is the list of starting dates and contact information if you child is interested in participating:
Volleyball – Coach Smith – Begins Monday, Aug 17th
Cross Country – Coach Crabtree – Around Aug 10th.  Please contact him for specific information.
Football – Coach Flynn – Aug 12th

Get our App – If you have an android device or iPhone we highly encourage you to get our school app.  You can find it on either app store by searching for “ellendale school”.  Have it ready before you come in to registration as we can give you login & password information that will make your app smart and specifically configured for your family and child.  This information will also be sent home after the school year begins so be watching for it.

PowerSchool – This is an invaluable tool for families to keep track of their child’s progress at school.  It can provide you with lunch balances, attendance, and grades for all your child’s courses.  If you are not presently using PowerSchool Parent please ask you principal or the office staff during registration.

Busing – Back to School bus letter should be out around Aug 21st.  Rural parents be watching for them please and review the information with your children.  New this year is the requirement to wear a seat belt.  If any school vehicle, including a bus, is equipped with seat belts they must be worn by all occupants, while the bus is moving.  This is a new policy and will be new to riders on our new bus, expected Oct/Nov of 2015.

Love & Logic Parent Session – Mr. Chris Peterson is coming to EPS on Monday, Aug 24th to provide a full day training to our teachers on Love & Logic and how it can help address student behaviors in the classroom.  EPS has also paid to have him present a parent course also on Monday, Aug 24th between 4-6pm.  This will take place at the Ellendale School Library and we highly encourage parents to attend.  He will be providing information on how certain techniques and phrases can make child discipline much easier in your home.  We hope you take advantage of this event.

Start of School – Classes will begin at normal time (8:40) on Wednesday, Aug 26th.  Breakfast will also be served that morning from 8-8:30am.

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I have always been comfortable with change.  Change is constant in our daily lives and pace of change just seems to be getting faster and faster each passing year.  Yet, this year.. thus summer… Change is happening at Ellendale School in a wave.

That wave is a tsunami of new teaching faculty and support staff all joining our teaching family at our school.  I have seen summers with 2 or 3 new employees.  I have seen some years with none.  Even on the high end I think it was 9 but many of these were support staff, not teachers.  Yet, this year we have broken all records.

Starting in the fall of 2015 we will have eleven new employees with most of those teachers.  Here is a short list:
Mrs. Kira Fischer – Counselor
Mr. Troy & Mrs. Amy Goehring – Elementary 4th & 2nd Grades
Mrs. Candice Klipfel – HS English
Mrs. Joni Lematta – Elementary 2nd Gr.
Hal Phoenix – Maple River Elementary
Ashli Powell – Title I
Andrea Hiles – Elementary 4th
**That makes 8 new teaching faculty out of 35 teachers last year or 22% turnover.  My head is starting to spin.. I need to sit down.

That does not include Mrs. Cindy Rall – IT Director, Miss JewelLee Waldholm – Custodian, and an office secretary position that is yet to be filled.  That will make a total of 11!  I know the Dickey County Leader does some get to know you pieces for new faculty the first few weeks of school.  Roberta, you may want to keep a spot open in the paper for these till about Thanksgiving, NO JOKE!  This is by far the most new faces we will have entering our school system in any one year.  I must admit I am very pleased with the quality of people that are listed here.  I am nervous about ensuring they are ready to go for the upcoming school year, but I am not nervous about their abilities.  Each and every one of them were outstanding applicants and were at the respective top of the heaps when it came to us making our selections.  Again, I am very confident that EPS has done well in hiring these fine individuals.

Here are some interesting stats about our new teachers:
5 of them hold a Masters Degree
4 of them were teaching in South Dakota last year.  Sorry SD, we stole 4 more!
1 is a rookie right out of college.
Only 1 is older than the Superintendent (not surprising is it).