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This time of year always makes me smile. In good clean fun, I am sure, every time I enter Cenex or other places in town someone will surely ask me how I am liking my time off.  I understand their jab and again it is in clean fun.  But, I thought maybe some don’t understand what actually happens in a school office during June – July & August.  So let me give you a brief synopsis.

May & June
-State Reporting- This is the bane of most administrators this time of year.  I do remember when state reports could be counted on one hand but not now.  We now have 13 spring reports not counting the couple federal reports.  Some of these are Transportation Report: # of rider & # of miles for all buses; Enrollment – an accounting of pretty much everything about each student.  Courses completed, attendance, enrollments, special programs, etc; and one of our favorites Suspension & Expulsion.  This is an easy one but you still need to validate and submit the report.
-Title I Reports – This requires a needs assessment including student data, surveys, and reports on success of the program.
-Summer Projects – This is the time that we ensure all summer work both general maintenance and larger projects get started.
-End of Year Meetings- Commonly a busy time for Special Ed meetings and Summer Conference.
-Bus Repair – Buses are inspected and work is organized to get completed over summer.
-Ordering – Most of our ordering of books and school supplies takes place in June.  So during this time all requests are reviewed, approved/rejected, and ordered.
-School Board Election – The first Tuesday in June is that special day.
-Summer School & Drivers Ed – Ensure that both of these programs begin and are effective.
-Newsletter, Report Cards, and hopefully the finalization of any hiring that needs to be done.

– End of Year Financials- The top of my list is always the end of the year accounting (June 30) and then getting the budget ready for the start of the next year.  Here again we must complete a Title I End of Year Report, Title III End of Year Report, and the District Financial Report for DPI.
– School Board- The annual board meeting in July is the big one.  Here new members are seated and a long list of compliance issues reviewed by the Board.
-Orders Received – Almost all the orders will now start pouring in.  It is hard to believe but commonly we will fill a normal sized classroom with stacks of boxes.  The hard working staff in the office does a great job of receiving and organizing all these orders.
-Summer Projects – they continue in July and this is a month when the push is really on to get all the summer projects completed.  As a Supt. it is my duty to ensure they are progressing and done on time.
-Audit Report – In late July or early August will be preparation for the annual audit.
-Planning for August- This is the time when we are working to ensure all is ready for the back to school.  This is for kids, and teachers.  We commonly are planning teacher training days, required training on HIV, CPR, and Bullying.  Preparing our new teachers for their start in Ellendale including updating PowerSchool, ParentLink, Web Pages, and payroll system.

***The final two weeks in July is commonly a very quiet time for the office and I.  Principals are out of the office and most projects are completed or on their way to being completed.  This is commonly when we want to have office staff taking a few days off.

At this point summer is really over.  We are nearing the first days teachers will be returning along with other support staff.
– Teacher Training:  I will commonly send out a long list of required training for teachers.  Some of these are done online and others are organized days.  Two of these days are commonly for new teachers to the district where we train them on the ins & outs of  working for EPS.  We will also pair them with their mentor.
– Transportation: Work on buses is completed and final prep is done to get them ready for the first day of school.  Commonly I will be meeting with bus drivers about a week before school begins.
-Registration Week:  This is a busy time for all the office as we prepare to receive new students, help students with schedules, and receive fee payments.
-Title I Application:  The application for Title I and other federal dollars is due by Aug 31st.  This is more than just a one page application but an extensive plan including goals, objectives, activities, and funding requests.
-More State Reports: Fall Calendar, Employee Reports on all faculty & staff for DPI, and several other DPI reports.
-Teacher Inservice – This is much of our August work as we prepare to welcome back teachers and assist them in getting ready for students.

And before you know it, it is school time again.  This is a pretty abbreviated list but I hope you get a feel for all that is accomplished in your school during the summer.