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This summer, starting in May, EHS will be starting an extensive remodel of the EHS Track.  This project will include the following:
-Grinding of the present track
-Creation of 3 ft wide drainage area on inside of track including fixed drains.
-Raising the existing track bed
-Laying of 2 asphalt layers (base of new track)
-Laying of rubberized all-weather surface
-Sealing and Striping

In addition the high jump area will also be rebuilt with the same application being used for the track itself.

The present EHS track was constructed in 2000 with the addition of the fence and storage shed in 2003.  At that time the track was constructed in no small part due to the generosity of many community members, efforts of the Ellendale QB Club, and Garry Mertz & Craig Martin.  Garry and Craig were instrumental in laying out the track, completing the ground work, and actually making the track a reality at that time.  In no way is this work a poor reflection on the work done in 2000.  In fact our contractor now, Sam Fisher, from Fisher Tracks is very impressed with what we have and how it has stood the test of the last 14 years.

None the less the track is in need of repair.  The EPS School Board received advisement on how address the track concerns last year from Fisher Tracks and now this year has approved the work to be completed.  The estimated costs for this project are around $168,000 to complete the base track work with an additional $78,000 for the rubberized all-weather surface.  Additional costs for ground work, fencing, and unexpected costs are also being considered making the total estimate for the project around $300,000.  All these funds will be drawn from the Ellendale Schools General Fund interim account so no new taxes are needed to pay for this project.

The Ellendale School Board, Mr. Herman, the Coaches, and I all believe the investment in a track made in 2000 is too valuable to let to turn to crumbling rocks today.  If we expect to keep this investment working for us today and into the future improvements, such as this one, must be made.  We hope you enjoy watching the work being done at the track this summer.  **Please do keep out of the work zone for your own protection**  However, this is a wonderful improvement and will continue to allow Ellendale to host 2-4 meets each year along with other special events such as the “Relay for Life”.


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I could restate this, but Dr. Fryer says it better than I can.

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Dispensing medications, both prescription and OTC, during the school day has always been a concern for educators.  Since the very first time I gave a child a Tylenol (back in the dark ages) it has been a concern.  Today, schools across the nation, North Dakota, and in  Ellendale have been struggling with the increasing requests to provide students medication during the school day, while balancing our professional knowledge and responsibility to do this work.   Each day dedicated staff and teachers at EPS are providing students with medications that very from Tylenol, Concerta, cough drops, to Insulin.  It is the new reality of our educational world.

However, with these growing demands we believe we need to provide improved safety for our students and adults that are dealing with these medications.  We also believe we need to improve our dissemination and accountability protocols to ensure the proper medication is given to the right child each and every time.  To these ends the Ellendale School Board has recently approved a new School Medication Program policy.  This policy and the protocols that will be built from its adoption will dramatically change how and when we provide medications to your children.

I would ask that all parents begin to become familiar with the changes outlined in this new policy.  The actual protocols, for families, will not be changing until August of 2014.  However, we feel it best to begin to share them with you so you can prepare to meet the new requirements set forth in the policy.  If one of your children is presently being administered medication during school hours, by school personnel, you need to review these changes.  The new policy and forms can be accessed on the EPS web site at http://www.ellendale.k12.nd.us/health_services/health_main.html