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I hope many of you took the opportunity to attend the recent District 5 BBB Tournament in Ellendale.  It was a stellar success and wonderful opportunity for our community and school to shine.  Our athletes performed splendidly taking 2nd place and advancing on to region play next week.  In addition many of our guests and visitors commented on how much they enjoyed the facility, the hospitality, and wonderful Class B atmosphere we provided.

For those that may not know this is the first district boys tournament to be held outside the Jamestown Civic Center since the mid 1970’s.  Leading up to the bond election of 2010 many community members asked about the possibility of getting this tournament back into our local communities.  It was a frequent question in the months before the election.  I want to say THANK YOU again to all that supported that endeavor and to say, “Your wish has come true”.  Only with your support in 2010, patience during the construction, and persistence by school officials to get the district 5 member schools to give us a chance to host, did this tournament become a reality.  We did it and I think we did it exceptionally well.  At the conclusion of the tournament there were numerous parents and officials that praised our efforts.  Game officials praised our teams and school officials for their fine work.   If you watched the televised broadcast on BEK you heard the numerous praises from the broadcasters not only on the quality of our facility but the quality of our people.  We did it and we did it with Ellendale class.

Thanks again to all that made the District 5 Boy BB Tournament a smashing success.  Thank you to the entire community of Ellendale for supporting your school and the construction of this facility.  Thank you to each and every worker and volunteer that gave their all to making this tournament run smoothly.  Thank you to those that helped in the concession stand your efforts were widely praised.  Thank you to those that provided refreshments to teams and coaches, it was appreciated.  Thank you to school administrators from all the district 5 school for your hard work and patience.  Thank you everyone for attending, we hope you enjoyed your time with us.



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I want to begin by saying this blog post is being written exclusively in an attempt to calm fears, inform, and is a reaction to complaints.  Not always the best reason to write a post, but in this instance it is what I feel is necessary for the best opportunities for our children.

I am well aware of the concerns from parents, teachers, and coaches of the large number of pee wee’s at practice on Monday.  This number was not unexpected but in no way did the coach, Mr. Herman, or Mrs. Sell know exactly how many athletes to expect.  The admin team did discuss hiring a 2nd coach but we held on hiring for a few reasons, which I will explain.  Lastly, we wanted to see how many mom and dad’s would be there to help.  There has been strong volunteer help in the past and we needed to get a handle on this again.

Coaching of the pee-wee position has been difficult to fill.  I want to THANK Mr. Flynn for taking on this job.  He was our only candidate that applied and we are so glad to have him in the program.  As I indicated before we did talk about the need to have more help.  We discussed options but with no other coaching applicants we did not feel it right to hold the program waiting for more applicants.  Being a coach takes time and energy that is hard to give, I know because I have done it.  But, the lack of interest in this position is putting the school in a difficult situation.  I admired the interest shown last year during the THUNDER meetings of those that wanted to help with this vital program.  We do really need you!  If you are willing to coach we need you to apply.  It should be known that school policy requires coaches education for all coaches, including pee-wee, but this should not scare any good candidates away.

In response to Monday Mrs. Sell and Mr. Herman have indicated there is no more practice for K-2 kids.  This is NOT permanent.  It is only a short term fix while we work with Coach Flynn to arrange more volunteers, consider alternate practice schedules, and find a solution to this problem.  I know Mr. Herman is today working at contact those that indicated they would volunteer.  He is working with Coach Flynn to discuss practice arrangements, and to solve this issue.  We have discussed alternate days for practices or even having two separate practices per night.  I would like to know from parents, what do you think?  Would you prefer a 3:30 practice M-W-F for older, T-Th for younger OR an early practice 3:30-4:30 for one group and 4:30 to 5:30 for another group.  I have discussed it with Mr. Herman today and we really felt we need parent input on this as it will cause travel issues for families.

Lastly, you can take this for what it is worth but the PEE-WEE program is vital for the future of the THUNDER.  The THUNDER are important and we will support them.  Mr. Herman has my blessing to hire additional coaches, we will reschedule practices to accommodate the interested athletes, but we need YOU!   Many admire the OAKES program, I know I do.  I think Coach Schall and Oakes are doing it right.  And, for their PEE-WEE program they have community and parent volunteers ONLY that make it work and be the success it is.  We need YOU!  If you have a desire to help please contact Mr. Herman or Mrs. Sell today.

Little guy K-2 pee-wee wrestling will return.  It is not shut down forever.  But we need to solve some issues before we try it again.  It makes no sense to have a repeat of Monday when we can change it temporarily so the ones present gain from the experience.  Again, Mr. Herman and Mrs. Sell have my support and I agree with their reaction to a difficult situation.


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