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I am pleased to announce that the Ellendale School Board approved, at its January meeting, a membership request to join the Southeast Region Career & Technology Center in Oakes.  Membership to the SRCTC will afford Ellendale juniors and seniors the opportunity to take numerous vocational and career courses including Ag Science, Web Design, Marketing, Auto Tech, and more.  In late January the SRCTC board approved Ellendale Schools request for membership thus allowing our students to begin taking courses in the fall of 2013.  Sophmore and juniors will have the opportunity in February to take a tour of the facility as they prepare to enroll for classes next year.  Students taking the opportunity to take courses will complete them during the first two periods of each day next year.  Students will be transported in the morning by bus and returned to EHS during third period.

The center, which is directed by Mr. Kraig Steinhoff, presented to the Ellendale School Board earlier in the year the many benefits of their programs along with cost estimates.  The school board again approved their proposal in January and will be paying an annual membership to the center that will be near $58,000.  Membership in the center is a wise financial move for the district, as this wide variety of vocational courses would require 5 separate teachers at EHS, costing well in excess of membership proposed by SRCTC.  In addition the center is always enhancing their programs and working to provide even more opportunities for students.

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Many of you may have been surprised to see the “Good Old” printed newsletter back in your mailbox last week.  This change was due in part to a concern from Administration and Ellendale School Board that some are not seeing important announcements because they either trash the newsletter quickly or maybe have it set to SPAM (Gasp!).   The Admin Team also dealt with a similar issue earlier this year when we decided to again send out the paper copy of progress and report cards.  Similarly to the newsletter we felt more parents were uninformed of their child’s progress when only using the e-version than previously with paper only.

From this point forward we will, despite not being as green as we were, send out paper copies of the newsletter to each family.  In addition we will continue to send out an email copy to each person registered within SchoolReach as we have been doing recently.  If you are NOT receiving an email copy please contact the office so we can enter your email address in PowerSchool for you.  Lastly, the newsletter will always be available via the EPS web site using the Newsletter link on the top.  This way we hope to take away any reasons a family is not fully informed of the many fabulous event happening at your child’s school.