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As a followup to the DC trip I was contacted by Mr. Josh Siedemann who asked if he could quote some of my thoughts on his blog. He entitled it “The Things We Treasure”.

PS.. I did inform him that our first pick up time was not 6:30 but more like 6:55 but it is his blog not mine. Aside from that I agree completely.

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I had the opportunity to support DRN last week during a series of meetings at the FCC, Rural Utility Services, and the White House to promote broadband installation and adoption in rural America.  Mr. Jeff Wilson, DRN CEO, and I both shared our story concerning our wonderful small town and how broadband, provided by DRN, is changing how our community is doing business, enhancing educational opportunities, and adding value to our lives.

Mr. Fastnacht & Mr. Wilson on the steps of the White House East Executive Office Building

During this series of meetings I was pleased to see the heartfelt interest in what both DRN and EPS are doing in rural America.  I recall sharing at one of the meetings how students at EHS are now able to take a wider range of courses, both in school and at home, due to broadband in our schools and homes.  These classes, such as Latin, Gothic Literature, and Sports Marketing, would have not been available even ten years ago.   In addition our students have access to information and resources far in excess to many other students around this wonderful country.  Our school provides a robust technology system on the inside while also connecting to the Internet at speeds much of the country would envy.    In each instance this is due to a robust broadband Internet service supplied by DRN.

During one of our meetings Mr. Wilson shared that at the present time a larger percentage of people over the age of 65 partake in Internet services than those under 40.  I realize this is in some degree due to our large older population.  But, it also means that our older population is not scared of the Internet either.  In this same meeting one of those in attendance shared that the administration has been concerned if the older population would even use the Internet,  if it were available in rural America.  Mr. Wilson shared a story of several ladies, all well over 65, sharing about their experiences with Facebook.  While, I shared a new goal for our church to provide our Sunday services over Skype or other technologies to our snowbirds.  Both were wonderful stories that reaffirmed to those in attendance that rural American and its older populations can gain significantly from broadband in their communities.

I want to thank DRN for the opportunity to promote EPS during the few days we were in Washington D.C.   I hope it benefits their business, our school, and our entire community.