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American education has been taking a wave of criticism for the last few years. Much of this I believe stemming from the NCLB legislation and a perception by many that we are falling behind the rest of the world in education and many other areas. I disagree, and would promote the view that for our school and many others we are much better than we were 10 or 20 yrs ago. Over the next few posts I will be sharing some information about our little school and US schools to defend my view.

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The NDHSAA football committees recommendations were released today after they made adjustments for teams that wished to opt up a class.  Here is the 11A list in which EEK would be part of.  You will find us at the top section as we are in Region 1.  Click on the list to make it larger.

I am also including a map of the teams that are this time set to be in Region 1 wish EEK.  This can also be found here.  When you look at the list EEK is the 2nd largest team in our region but as Mr. Herman noted in the comments on my previous post we are really about the middle of the pack when you look at the total list of 11A teams.   As far as the changes in the teams joining Region 1 I am glad to see these changes.  I was hoping of MayPort/CG to stay in our region but in the end I am ok with the change.  At least we wont have to drive near Grand Forks for one of the games and Linton, Oakes, and Milnor/NSargent are all teams we see regularly in other sports during the year.