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Many have already asked me about the non-signed letter to the editor concerning young children unattended at games. I would like to clear up a few items and share my thoughts on this matter.
First, yes I have imposed a rule, supported by both of the building principals, that young children should be supervised by a parent to attend an event at EHS. Our rationale for this rule is very simple. We feel a young child should not be dropped off at a school event, left unsupervised, and ultimately the responsibility of EPS administrators, teachers, and coaches. We feel young students, 3rd grade and below, should be monitored by their parent, not us, as we are striving to provide an exceptional event for those in attendance.
Secondly, in the past when a young child such as this was misbehaving at such a school event we were restricted as to what we could do to remedy the problem. Some have indicated, “Just kick them out”, but in today’s litigious society that is not the appropriate action. Sending a young child unsupervised to a game is not right and us sending them home also unsupervised is not appropriate. So many times in the past we simply have to reprimand the child verbally and then hope they stay seated and out of trouble.  In rare instances these concerns have been addressed with the families.  Many times this is not the case as we honestly just deal with the problem and continue on with the required tasks of the evening.
Third, the writer noted in the editorial, a quote that I would like to address. She indicated that I said, “My School, My Rules”. I don’t agree that is what I said, as quoted. I did share with the writer that in these and other situations I am left to making a rule. Our discussion surrounded how it was ok for an older sibling to supervise a younger sibling at home so why was it not ok at school. I shared that the rules at home and at school are not the same and in this instance I am responsible to make the rule. So did I say that?  Not as quoted but, maybe in so many words that is what they heard.  Unfortunately, I am left to make a rule and as the Superintendent that is my duty and responsibility. I don’t like to have to do it, but someone has to.
Lastly, let me again stress the fundamental and key point we want to make.  We love having all of our community members attend events at EHS.  The more people we can get to come to an event to cheer on our exceptional young people is invaluable.  However, when young unsupervised children detract from that event it is a point of concern for us and I believe those that are trying to watch and enjoy the event.  So, again please bring your child to an EHS event and enjoy an evening together, as a family.  We would love to have you here.

Mr. Fastnacht


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On Tuesday, September 18th, the NDHSAA approved the coop application for the Ellendale-Edgeley-Kulm football coop.  The boards of each respective community had approved the coop application the previous week paving the way for approval by the NDHSAA at this regular meeting.

At this time the proposed classes and regional assignments have been posted to the NDHSAA web site for review by school officials until Sept 30th.  Here is a link to those divisions This provides time for schools to request to opt-up to a higher class if they so desire.  With the coop for EEK approved it places us in the 11A class solidly.  There has not been, nor will be, any discussions about us moving to 11AA but we now have to wait till Sept 30th to await any other schools desires.  Despite this wait it is not going to move EEK, as we are near the top in enrollment in 11A only behind Hillsboro/Central Valley and Larimore/Emerado.

Based on the preliminary divisions the NDHSAA has EEK again in 11A Region 1.  This would place us with Hillsboro/Central Valley; Larimore/Emerado; May-Port/CG; Carrington; Northern Cass; Oakes; and Steele-Dawson/Sterling.  Here is a link to a map of the schools with some mileages for easy reference


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Over the past month the prospects of a football coop with Edgeley-Kulm has been a vigorous topic throughout our community.   Over the course of the August school board meeting, one coop committee meeting, two public meetings in Ellendale, and many discussions within EHS the pros-cons of a coop have been bantered.

For those that have not heard the Edgeley-Kulm schools approached EPS in mid August about such possibilities starting in 2013.   The reason for their request is not much different than what EHS is facing right now in our very own football program.  Low participation numbers in both programs surprised both coaches and AD’s in both programs as those that showed interest in playing in the spring did not fully materialize in the fall.  In both instances EHS and E-K have roughly 14-17 players on each varsity program.  This has caused both programs, for the past two years, to eliminate their JV programs and play 9th-10th grade athletes on the Friday nights.   So the consideration to coop is being made….  what do you think?

This blog is not the place to share all of the wonderful questions and points that I have heard over the past month.  They have been wonderful and I have appreciated everyone’s interest and questions on the matter.  I would simply like to provide you with my thoughts as we lead up to the school board meeting Monday night, where the board will have to decide what they choose to do.

My thoughts:
1. This is the time.  Two years ago I did inquire about the possibility of EHS and EK cooping in football as we did see the present low numbers coming.  At that time, both coaches and AD’s thought better numbers were ahead.  I think some would say the same again today, but look at where we stand.  I don’t believe we can risk being wrong again.
2.  With possibly seeing stronger participation numbers coming up from the JH I believe it is even more important that we regain our JV programs.  Continuing to not have this program due to low numbers and then thrusting these young players onto varsity games does not promote athlete retention or make them better players.
3.  I believe EHS is putting itself in a situation where it may be putting young athletes in dangerous situations.  With the rise of understanding about concussions and the damage they can cause I believe placing young players on the field on Friday nights presents a risk we should not be taking.

In the end I believe a “Storm is Rising” – It is the THUNDER!…… and together we will be stronger and better for our athletes.