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Now in homage to Paul Harvey let me tell you the rest of the story from “What You Find While Searching for a Cardinal”

It was autumn and I was seeking a Cardinal but not with my camera.  In fact EHS has been searching for a Cardinal logo for the past few months.  This endeavor began as a result of the new construction project when people began to ask. “What logo are you going to put on the floor”?  This may seem like a simple question but EHS has had many different cardinals over the years.  Some remember the classic walking cardinal of the 50-60’s.  While others remember more of the modern cardinals used by the Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis, or Louisville.  Then don’t forget some of the more uncommon cardinals like the fisted one that is now on the floor at TBC.  Each was good and represented EHS well, but is it the Cardinal of the future?  So a group of students, faculty, and alumni began a quest by searching scores of web sites and resources for just the right Cardinal.  They looked at many options from the past, and many that had been used previously.  In the end this committee had a strong desire to have EHS’s very own Cardinal.  So they set forth a contest to students and the community to craft a new EHS Cardinal.  The submissions were all excellent and the committee had a great deal to choose from.  However that is not the rest of the story…

The rest of the story is, that during the search, which was posted on the schools Facebook account, we ran into Dawn Yemma (EHS Class of 1979) – the other person in my previous story.  She responded to the committees inquiry and shared that she would be more than willing to help with a new design.  This would normally be a wonderful opportunity but everyone must know that Dawn is not just any artist, she is a professional graphics artist.  Some of her work can be seen here at Now the committee and I were really excited.  What would she create?  Well her work was special and ultimately her art (pictures) was chosen by the committee.  During the search it became known that not only was Dawn crafting the NEW EHS Cardinal but she had done this before, while she was in school.  The present Cardinal that is emblazoned on the old gym floor was also crafted by Dawn.  So, what did we find while searching for a Cardinal?  We found an exceptional new custom “official” EHS Cardinal that we hopes stands for years; we renewed a relationship with an EHS Alumni that has gone forth and prospered; and we found a friend.

THANK YOU to the EHS Logo Committee, to all the submitted Cardinals for consideration, and to Dawn Yemma a new friend of EHS.

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On a nice autumn day filled with spears of shimming sun dancing through the leaves I was walking down a winding forest path.  I was searching for a Cardinal, a majestic bird, in hopes it would pause a moment for my camera.  The search seemed to go on for hours and hours as I  found all sorts of other birds bluejays, eagles, and hawks.  To my excitement I also encountered a badger and a loboe along the way.  They did not startle me a great deal as I know they are tame compared to that elusive cardinal I was trying to find.  Well after a whirlwind (not quite a tornado) of searching and seemingly endless pursuit there it was, the Cardinal I had been searching for. Perched on a branch high above the rest, with its red crest shimmering in the sun.  This Cardinal had a strong appearance with a yellow beak that seemed almost polished.  Its eyes pierced me as I grabbed my camera to take snap shot of it, before it flew away.  Just then in the corner of my eye I saw another person with her camera focused on my Cardinal.  Did she admire this bird as much as I?   I carefully made my way over to greet her all the while not wanting to scare my subject away.  I asked her, “So you like Cardinals too?”.   She replied that she had always been a cardinal fan, ever since she was a kid.  Just then my subject flew away.. I was devastated.    I had not captured one single frame of that majestic Cardinal.  Then I heard,”Dont worry I have a few shots worth sharing,” she announced.   I was overjoyed.  The next day she sent me a couple copies of her pictures.  They were splendid, beyond explanation.  She said I could keep them and enjoy them with all my friends, so I did.  On my journey to find a Cardinal, I missed it, but I found a friend.

This seems like a fanciful tale but it has some truths I will share with you next week.  Till then……