Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Jeff Fastnacht on 25-08-2011

I want to extend a warm welcome to everyone as we approach the start of a new school year.  The entire Ellendale School Faculty & Staff are excited to be back in our classrooms and awaiting your children with broad smiles.  A great deal of work has gone into getting ready for classes this year and we are very excited to share it with you.

Over the summer the most noticeable changes have been surrounding the elementary school remodel.  I cannot believe there is a single person in our community that has not seen this massive construction project being undertaken.  On Monday, Aug 22nd, with the help of many parents, kids, and community members we were able to move back into our school and begin to prepare for your children.  I want to thank those that helped as your work was invaluable to this project.  An open house is planned to rededicate the elementary school on Wednesday, Sept 7th, at 5pm.  I would encourage everyone to attend and see the tremendous results of this project.  I am sure you will be amazed with the changes.

Over the summer we also added some new faculty & staff to our ranks.  I am pleased to say that each is a wonderful addition to our school faculty and will add their own special talents and skills to our school and community.
– Justin Thorpe – IT Director: Justin was a tech ed teacher in Wyoming before coming to us in early summer.  He is originally from Leola and has roots in the Forbes area.  He is learning a great deal about technology and will be a wonderful complement to our team.
– Jennifer Mount – FCS: Jennifer is a veteran teacher coming to us from the Roncolli School in Aberdeen.  She has a MS degree with great expertise in FCS and Math.
– Jessica Irey – HS English: Jessica is coming to us from the Marion district where she taught English last year.  She resides in Edgeley with her family.  She came to us highly recommended and we are very glad to have her on our team.
– Russel Furman – Custodial: Russel has rejoined the Ellendale School family as he previously worked in the same capacity about 15 yrs ago.  Russ came to us from the Frederick district where he was the head custodian.  His experience and knowledge are wonderful assets for our district.
– Melissa Meyer – Kindergarten Aide: Melissa is a young teacher that just recently graduated with her elementary ed degree.  She is also assisting with the volleyball program and will be a wonderful asset in our new “all day – every day” kindergarten program.
– John Beckius – Route 5 Driver: John is another returning employee as he drove this same route about 5 yrs ago.  John is a dedicated and devoted driver that we are very pleased to have back with us.  Some will recall he also had the reading program on his bus at that time that was a tremendous outreach to our students.
– John Martinson – Route 8 Driver: John is a new driver and will be joining our team soon.  He is presently working to complete his license requirements.  As soon as he has that completed he will be the full time driver for this route.