Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Jeff Fastnacht on 24-07-2011

I am sure many of you are enjoying the final few weeks of summer before school starts up for the 2011-12 school year.  I know many are thinking of the start of school and if the elementary will be ready on time by the shear number of people asking the question as of late.  So let me give you a little update on our progress and what I see heading into the start of school.

Yes I do feel the remodel of the elementary is on schedule.  I want to applaud the work of all the contractors for their hard work and all are ready to finish off strong the final three weeks of work.  At this time painters are finished with 1/2 the rooms, exterior stucco will go on Monday, and tile work is already starting in the bathrooms.  There is still a great deal to do but again it appears optimistic for a completion on time.  HOWEVER, it is all the extra things that make me worry.  In addition to completion of the construction work many things yet must be done before school can begin: waxing of floors, installation of activboards, hanging of whiteboards, moving in furniture, and much more.  I think we can get all these done but it will be tight.  Here is where I want to ask for everyone’s help as we may need a rush of volunteers to get everything done.  If that becomes a need we will be calling everyone via SchoolReach.  If you can help we would greatly appreciate it.

To keep posted on progress I encourage everyone to watch the updated pictures on the EPS web site.  I try to update them a couple times a week.  http://www.ellendale.k12.nd.us/construction/index.html