Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Jeff Fastnacht on 02-05-2011

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week.  This week we take a few moments to say THANK YOU to those in our community that dedicate themselves to being an educator.  During this week many will say thanks in their own special way.  This could be a kind note, a hug, pat on the back, or even a caramel roll (which are coming on Friday :-)

Unfortunately, the political climate over the past few years has turned teachers and their unions into the scape goats for all failures within our educational systems.   Governors, mayors, and even national leaders have taken teachers to task for not achieving the lofty goals of NCLB.  All the while many, with common sense, realize 100% of students will not make proficiency, it is a good goal but not realistic.  Some propose a complete abandonment of our educational system and a move toward privatization.  They propose schools where teachers are hired and fired based on student performance, just like in industry.  Let me point out that making cars in Detroit is much different that molding a mind to grow and adapt to all the experiences one will have in a lifetime.  How many of us have siblings that grew up in our same homes, with the same parents, went to the same schools, but did not turn out the same.  It was not that our families failed or that our schools failed, we are simply different.  Martyring the teaching profession will not create better teachers, in fact I believe it will further demoralize and demolish the profession.

Let us all take some time this week to remember that teacher, from our past, that really made a difference in our lives. Maybe that teacher helped you succeed when you thought you couldn’t.  Maybe that teacher challenged you to give more when you thought you had given it all.  Maybe a teacher wiped off a tear and helped to make everything better.  I don’t know what your memories hold but somewhere a teacher has touched each of our lives in a special way.  Take time this week to say thank you.