Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Jeff Fastnacht on 11-04-2011

This is a video I was drawn to when a colleague posted it on his blog.  This presentation by Will Richardson shares concepts on what Education is Doing now, what Politicians want Education to Do, and what Education should be doing Differently.  I think he makes some exceptional points about the hazards of more testing.  I find that our students and professionals are tested out.  Is what we want in our educational system simply automated robots spewing out information on the test?  Or do we want professionals that really teach our students how to integrate new knowledge in creative and meaningful ways.  Yes, I believe schools have a ways to go on this matter.  We must get rid of the idea WE are here to give out the knowledge.  WE must abandon the idea that we are the performers in the classroom.  WE must embrace the concept that students are learning from a global community.  Take a few minutes to listen to Mr. Richardson’s presentation and tell me what you think.

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