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I realize this video is a reflection of the University System.  However, I believe aspects of education within our high schools is also as archaic.  Lets begin with the questions, “If you could rebuild high schools from the ground up, what would they look like?”  Ponder this for a moment then watch this video.

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This is a video of my daughter and I sledding down the ski hill in my hometown of Wessington Springs SD.  Had her and my son Josh with my entire family for a wonderful afternoon.  Love you all.YouTube Preview Image

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This is kind of an unique post as I am saying HI to some possible SUPT’s that may be prowling my blog site.   Why, do I do this you may ask.  Because yesterday the AASA announced the 4 finalist for the 2011 AASA Supt of the Year (http://aasa.org/content.aspx?id=17524).   I was not surprised I was not chosen, as my school is quite small and probably does not attract the attention of many at the national level.  However, at the bottom of the story they listed all the state winners so I GOOGLED some of them just to see what was out there.  I was amazed by the diversity, communication tools, facilities, and successes of many of my counterparts.  SO… if you are looking at my blog for the same reason, I hope you take a few moments to learn more about those same things at Ellendale Public School.
By the way — CONGRATS

Mr. Fastnacht

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It is that time of year again to make an earnest list of resolutions for the upcoming year.  Here is not only part of my list but also some I see for EPS.

School Resolutions
1.  Prepare for the upcoming legislative season.  I anticipate that the ND Legislature will take most of the Education Commissions recommendations and make them law, which would be a positive step for education in ND.  However, we need to be cautious as much of the financial benefits could be eaten up by concerns with TFFR.
2.  Expansion of the K-12 RtI program.  This has been highly effective in the elementary and I see glimmers of success during the first year of implementation in 7th-12th.  This must continue and the district will have to weigh how to continue to fund this program as federal funds decline.
3.  Construction will dominate much of our attention during 2011.  We must remain focused on what is vital in our schools, while remaining patient and adaptable to change.
4.  Work to gather more input from parents and community members.  Your voices are critical in the success of your school and our programs.
5. Look toward the future.. and not fear what is beyond the horizon.  Could Ellendale be a pioneer in online learning, digital texts, or personal student learning devices?

Superintendent Resolutions
1.  Work to better inform the faculty and community of learning opportunities for adults and our students.  Take more time to find the programs that could be instrumental in driving EPS to a higher standard of education.
2.  Preserve time to talk to students and staff.  The views of those in the hallways is vital.
3. Implement strategies to build leadership qualities in our teachers.

Only time will tell if these resolutions are fulfilled but it will be an enjoyable journey.