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I want to extend a sincere THANK YOU to the ND Council of Education Leaders and the ND Association of School Administrators for selecting me as the 2011 ND Supt of the Year.   This is a tremendous honor for not only me, but also my family, the Ellendale School faculty & staff, and the Ellendale School Board.   I believe each of these groups played a vital role in each and every accomplishment that has blessed Ellendale School District over the past ten years.  Each of these were instrumental in this achievement and without their support and dedication it would not be possible.    THANK YOU!

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I learned about this today from a wonderful colleague from Grand Forks (thanks Darin).  I wish I would have found this earlier as it may have made adoption of both technological and non-technological change easier.  It is a good reminder of a what a leader must consider before change can truly take hold.

Stage of Concern Expression of Concern
Awareness I am not concerned about it.
Informational I would like to know more about it.
Personal How will using it affect me?
Management I seem to be spending all my time getting materials ready.
Consequence How is my use affecting learners? How can I refine it to have more impact?
Collaboration How can I relate what I am doing to what others are doing?
Refocusing I have some ideas about something that would work even better.

From Taking Charge of Change by Shirley M. Hord, William L. Rutherford, Leslie Huling-Austin, and Gene E. Hall, 1987.