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Recently I became aware of a new course distributed by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) entitled “The Role of the Parent in Sports”.  After completing the course myself I find that it highlights the values we work to have exemplified by our student athlete’s parents.  I would encourage all parents to complete this course.  It is a free course and will only take about 20 minutes of your time to complete.

NFHS Course –

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The 2010 construction project has arrived at the beginning of the bidding process.  It has been a longer than expected journey has been worth it.  I believe the final construction plan not only lives up to all the expectations set forth to the community but go well beyond them.

This planning process has been a wonderful community effort all beginning with the work of the Facility Planning Committee in early 2009.  Starting with that group this plan was escorted along by the PE Facility Planning Committee (Matt Herman, Colette Middlestead, Brian Vance, Matt Thorpe, Emily Wang, and Monica Mertz) and the Elementary Renovation Committee (Mary Huston, Mary Schmidt, Anna Sell, and Cay Durheim).  Both of these committee worked tirelessly to ensure the concerns of all those they represented were discussed and added to the plan.  They also prioritized those desires as additions, cuts, and revisions were made.   Thank You, and Great Job!

Lastly, I want to thank the Construction Committee (Matt Herman, Scott Wertz, Andy Meyer, Jeremy Johnston, Chad Durheim, and Garry Mertz) who finalized the construction plan.  There were days I thought we would never be done choosing construction materials, final floor plans, and reviewing every single detail possible.  This group was simply OUTSTANDING and I believe created a plan that maintained the original desires of the LTFP committee,  saved dollars for the community, and provided the school board with options of stretch their construction dollars.  Thanks Again!

The project will be advertised for bids starting this week.  It will run for about 3 weeks with bids being opened at 2pm on Tuesday, Dec 21st.