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As we near fall the questions abound, as to the status of the elementary renovation and classroom/PE facility expansion.  At this time final plans are nearing completion.  This phase of the planning has taken more time than expected but I do believe the time has been productive.  The shear amount of decisions that the committees had to be discuss, review, and decide upon was more than I would have ever imagined.

In early September the elementary renovation and PE facility committees finalized their work ensuring that needs of students, teachers, and community were part of the plan.  Since that time a construction committee has been working closely with the engineers and architect to bring both phases of the project together into one complete plan.  We have worked on many issues but here are a few of the high points: heating & cooling systems capacity and locations in the project, construction timelines, site surveys and easement requests, reviewing materials such as faucets and door knobs, and even where to put the outlets in the concession stand.  Each of these are important decisions and again I believe the work of each of these committee should be commended.  As often said, “a few weeks now will never be criticized 5 years from now if the project is done well”.  So, with that view in mind we have been working diligently to complete a final construction plan.

We anticipate the final construction plan and alternates to be ready for bidding on approximately Nov 18th.   Just before the release of bids the architect and construction committee will take their plan to the full School Board for review and approval.  After approval the bid will be released.  The School Board is planning on having bids returned and opened in mid December.  At that time the School Board will have to review the bids and select a general contractor.  We continue to hope for a highly competitive construction market, which would help us get the most bang for our buck.  Once the bids are accepted, we are planning on work to begin in early March of 2011.  It was hoped that work would have been started in October of this year but again additional time was taken to ensure the project was done right.  We have been advised that by allowing the contractor to start in March versus December, that the district could save thousands of dollars that would be spent on winter construction costs.

In the end we are planning on work in the elementary school to begin right after students are dismissed, with a completion in early August.  The new classrooms and PE facility will take longer to complete and at this time we are anticipating completion in January of 2012.  I know that sounds like a long time.  I get impatient myself on occasion but I do believe time will fly once we see building starting up in the spring.

I want to thank all the committee members for their hard work, well done.  Also, I want to thank each of you that have taken the time to ask questions.  I very much appreciate the communities support of this project and I am more than happy to answer your questions.

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I wanted to extend a sincere THANK YOU to all the administrators that attended my session last week on “Tech Tools for Admins”.  It was a great time to share my experiences with technology with various administrators and at the same time gain from each of you.  I was impressed with the questions and really enjoyed having you stretch my knowledge and skills.  I hope each of you gained one or two jewels of knowledge from the session.

I would like to share edusocial_instructions on how to create an EduSocial account and blog site.  These are from EduTech and a great starting point.

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I am presenting at NDCEL today.

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Firemen here is the schedule for Fire Safety Week.  Call Jeff to add your name.

Monday, Oct 25th
Kindergarten Visit @ 1:15pm – Jeff Thorpe
1st Grade (Need 7381 & bunker gear) – Jeff Fastnacht & ________________

Tuesday, Oct 26th
Kindergarten Visit @ 1:15 – Jeff Thorpe
3rd Grade – (Home Escape Route Planning) – ______________ & _____________

Wednesday Oct 27th
2:30 5th Fire Extinguisher __________________ & ___________________
3:00 Hand Out Hats @ End of Day  ______________ & ___________________

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Just wanted to give everyone a quick timeline update for the building project.  I will begin by saying the planning is taking more time than we originally expected.  This is unfortunate as we had hoped to have the new construction areas closed in for winter work, however it is fortunate in I believe we have really taken the time to ensure the plans are correct.  In addition we also believe we may receive a lower bid price if construction could wait till after February.  Time will tell!
So here is the timeline we have set at this time.
Oct 11th – School Board Meeting – Review of Budget Projections
Oct 13th &20th – Construction Committee Meetings – review plans as they are finalized.
Oct 27th – Construction Committee will review final plans and specifications.
Nov 1st – School Board will approve plan put forth by Construction Committee and release bids.
Nov 3rd – Architect and Engineers -final review.
Wed, Nov 24th – Bids Opened