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It has been a very busy month as we finalize the construction plans for the elementary & PE facility addition.  At this time we are meeting weekly with engineers and the architect to ensure the plans are accurate before they are released for the bidding process.  I anticipate that the board will be approving the bid at the Oct School Board meeting.  Then after that it should take 30-45 days for the bids to be completed and then opened.  Many are asking when the dirt will fly.  I know many are excited and so are we.  The best estimate we have at this time is as early as Dec to as late as March and this all depends on weather.  Keep asking the questions and I will do my best to keep you informed.

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Homecoming 2010 was an outstanding event.  Coronation on Monday was superb and I believe once again a great KING and QUEEN were selected by the student body.  King Kris and Queen Kinsey ruled with dignity and honor the whole week and I want to extend them a huge THANK YOU!  Well done you two.

During each of the days the student body dressed up to celebrate the week.  I thought each day was wonderful and took great fun in 80’s day.  I dont know if it was Cindy Lauper and Go-Go’s dress ups or just that it made me feel younger, either way it was a great week.  Also, a job well done for the elementary on Friday.  I dont know if I have ever seen more elementary kids paint their heads RED in all my life.  Well done everyone!

Lastly, congratulations to both the VB and FB teams.  Both teams played extremely well and took another step to showing their dominance in their relative sports.  I would encourage everyone to get to their games as our athletes and coaches are performing extremely well this fall.