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As the renovation & expansion project continues to progress at Ellendale School.  Since mid-May many events have been progressing, so here is a quick update.

One of the first steps after the election was concluded was to select an architect for the construction phase of this project.  Foss Interiors was the architect during the planning and did an outstanding job.  However, during bidding for the construction phase HKG associates from Aberdeen was selected.  HKG has tremendous experience in the area with the construction of schools and also bid  $85,000 less then Foss Interiors for this phase.   Since early June several committees have been created to work with HKG in the planning of the construction documents.   At this time this is still taking place as specific details, heck every detail, is discussed, reviewed, and re-reviewed.  The architect and engineers are on site and also working up exact construction plans for the projects as everything must be accounted for in the plans.  By taking a little extra time now to ensure we get all the plans just right, we hope to prevent construction change orders later.

During the last few weeks you many have noticed work taking place on the west side of the elementary.  This is a move of the playground equipment to its new location.  This location will eventually include the playground equipment, swings, a concrete play area, and grass field.  In addition 12 spaces of parallel parking will be added to the north side of the block.  When the project is all done the fence that was removed from the old playground will be put up around the new one.  The actual move of the playground equipment will take place on July 19-20-21.  The school is looking for volunteers to help one or all three of these days.  If you can volunteer please contact the school office at 349-3232 to add your name to the list.

Between now and September 1st there is much to be accomplished.  As indicated previously the playground must be moved to its new location.  Committees will continue to work with HKG to refine the construction plans during most of July.   At some time in early August the final plans will be reviewed and approved by the school board which will then allow bids to be sought for the project.  We are really hoping to get this bidding portion out in August as the architect feels it is a very competitive time for projects.  Several in the area have been recently bid at 20-25% under projection.  Finally, we are hoping to have bids back in and find a contractor in early September.  At that time we should start to see things happening in earnest.

If you wish to keep close tabs on the project please check out the EPS web site.  Photos of the construction and information from the committee meetings is posted on the construction page.   Go to www.ellendale.k12.nd.us and click on the construction button.

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The planning for the renovation and expansion project are in a rushed pace at this time.  Committees are meeting with the architect (HKG) and their engineers to finalize the plans for the project.  Once these plans are finished, expected mid August, they will be put out for bids.  Is is our hope to have a contractor selected by early September based on this timeline.  In preparation for these events we are organizing the 2010 Flooring and Bleacher Tour.  The name is a comedic attempt to name our travels next week to visit vendors in the Minneapolis area that work with gymnasium flooring and bleacher systems.  Our tour will take us to the cities late on July 5th, allowing

us to get an early start on Tuesday.  We will be visiting several vendors including Athletic Performance Solutions (http://www.apsgymfloors.com/) and Select Equipment Inc.