Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Jeff Fastnacht on 07-06-2010

I have been thinking about this for sometime and I guess I am not the only one.   Schools must begin to discuss how to move toward a digital textbook.  The days of students lugging around 6 or 8 textbooks in a bag is over.  The sheer weight and expense of these books is enormous.  Along with the idea of in a digital age, why should students be stuck with information that may be 1 to 7 years old.  Todays learner and teacher wants up to date and dynamic information.  The traditional textbook will never be able to address this issue and I agree that a digital text would solve it.  I foresee schools paying an annual fee to a publisher to have texts provided digitally that are updated a minimum of annually.  See this recent article about a Florida HS going digital http://www.bismarcktribune.com/lifestyles/fashion-and-style/article_6d9ec60c-6ebd-11df-93a0-001cc4c002e0.html 

Personally I have purchased a Barnes & Noble Nook and find it easy to use, easy to read, and allows me to take notes, highlight text, and even get on the internet.  Ellendale School also tested a couple Apple iPads this year and I see that as an even better alternative to the Nook or Kindle as it has more features, and a full web browser.  Time will tell on this matter but I predict in 5 years EHS will be looking heavily at digitized texts.