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I had a teacher of mine come up to me with a training document from years ago.  She was doing some spring cleaning before the final day school.  I had to share it with everyone as it made me laugh.  If we ever doubt we have made any advancements in technology, here is the proof.


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This week is busily filled with semester tests, field trips, and end of year activities. To keep track make sure to check out the EPS web site calendar at

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As the present academic year fades away we are bustling planning for the next.  I want to share some of the considerations we are looking into for 2010-2011 at Ellendale Public School.
ITV Consortium Changes– Starting in the fall of 2009 EHS created a second Interactive TV classroom, which has allowed to provide more course offerings to our students.  This has been a positive change but did cause some financial concerns as most of the courses were purchased outside our present ITV consortium.  For some time now we have seen the number of options within that consortium dwindle so we planned on joining a new unit.  This new unit will offer 4 times as many courses to our students at a similar cost to the district.  This change has already been approved and your students will see far greater options next year in the area of ITV.
Read180 has been used very successfully at EPS for the past 3 years.  Starting in the fall of 2009 this program was added to grades 4-6, which has also shown great success.  With that success we are now seeing a dramatic decrease in the needs of students coming into grade 7.  So, we are considering moving the JH schedule to one that more reflects what was done before Read180 was implemented.  Read180 will stay in the JH grades but the number of students in the program does not warrant a complete schedule change.  So again, your JH student may have some new course options available to them in the fall.
–  JH Music Required – I personally believe that the human species benefits greatly from music.  Also, with the Read180 change for JH students we are considering requiring all JH students to take a minimum of chorus or band.  They may take one or both, but all students will be required to engage in music instruction of some kind. 
Saxon Math – This project was started this last year with a pilot of the Saxon Math program in grades K & 1st.  You can find out more here,   This program will be expanded to grades K-8 during 2010-2011. 
Schedule Changes– Due to changes in our ITV consortium and long standing desires to change the noon hour configuration we are presently considering a change in the daily bell schedule.  This proposed changes can be found here.  This change will move the start time for the day to 8:40.  Noon hours will change for JH & SH students resulting in a closed noon hour for JH students.  Finally, JH & SH student will conclude their day at 3:10 leaving a 20 minute period we are naming the RtI period.  This time will be devoted to assisting students that are stuggling academically, need additional assistance, want to meet with a teacher, or make up work.  Buses will continue to depart at 3:30 for all students.

There are many things being planned for next year in addition to these items.  This is a busy and exciting time and we hope you find these considerations to you liking.