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I was recently impressed by a blog post from a friend and colleague, Tanna Kincaid – IT Director for Bismarck Public Schools.  On her blog she was sharing a list of employee characteristics that would “WOW” future employers.  This list was derived from a survey by Young Professionals Network.  See her blog posting here

I want to pass on to your the list of skills they found “WOW” worthy.  They are very informative in showing the vast number of skills necessary beyond the traditional three R’s.  Please don’t get me wrong young people must know how to Read, Write, and successfully complete Arthimetic.  However, they need much more.  They must develop those skills that make them successful learners, communicators, and workers.  They need more than strong backs, they need be be self motivated, positive, flexible, team builders, and technology savy.   Here is her list, let me know what you think.

  • Out of the box thinking
  • Problem solving, communication, and teamwork skills
  • Having ideas and sharing them – constant focus on continuous improvement
  • Interest and ability to learn new things – particularly on the computer
  • Ability to learn quickly and to adapt to change with ease and with a positive attitude
  • Attitude and a servant leadership focus (demonstrated unselfishness – people who have mentored, coached, helped at shelters, in addition to having their “own” things)
  • Self-starting ability and having a take charge attitude regarding your own destiny
  • Having a positive attitude and the ability to inspire others
  • Willingness to take on new responsibilities… specifically seeing a need and offering to take it on  – not waiting to be told
  • Being flexible and hard working
  • Ability to write
  • Interpersonal skills and public speaking ability
  • Ability to select the technological medium best suited for a job/function/purpose
  • Knowing internet/technology etiquette
  • Being technological literate beyond the “wordprocessor” level