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    4th Grade- Peer Share Persuasive Writing, Informational Writing Wild Animals Spelling Blue 76-80 their                      feat                       equally                  shame                   widely rougher                 remarkable            pitch                      twice                     fighter preschool               soap                     life                        helplessly              scratch time                      lightly                    homeless               quietly                   value author                    greater                   wonder                  helper                    speech   5th Grade- Share 13 Colonies Informational Writing, Begin Informational Writing on Famous [...]

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    Monday 2) U.S. History – Ch. 10 Terms, 10-1 NS Due 1/27 4) Gov’t/PDP – Bill of Rights Overview 5) 8th Grade Social Studies – Ch. 14 Notes 6) 7th Grade Social Studies – West-Central Europe Notes, Pg. 270 #12-21 Due 1/30 7) World History – Ch. 8 Terms & Review Wkst Class Discussion, Pg. 278 9-13, 15-20 Due 1/29   Tuesday [...]

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    Legislative Update: The 64th Legislative session began on January 6th. The first few days are mostly ceremonial with committees working out schedules and introducing and understanding bills. Several bills are being introduced that will greatly impact education. Beginning on January 12 th several bills are scheduled to be heard in committee each week. Crossover, when bills switch [...]

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    Playing around with blogs.  In the meantime, check out East Fairview Music on Facebook!

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    Lesson Plans, Spanish, Dawn Pearson
    Monday, 1/26/2015
    Sp.I p.238-243, video drama, episode 1
    Sp.II p.268-271, practice vocab
    Sp.III Diego Rivera life and art

    Tuesday, 1/27/2015
    Sp. I Review for Ch. 5A exam
    Sp.II p.272-274 irregular preterites, false cognates
    Sp.III Orozco life and art

    Wednesday, 1/28/2015
    Sp.I Exam 5A
    Sp.II p.275-277, imperfect progressive
    Sp.III life and art of Siqueiros

    Thursday, 1/29/2015
    Sp.I Begin Ch.5b,p.246-249, restaurant vocab
    Sp.II p.278-280, sports injuries reading
    Sp.III art and life of Frida Kahlo

    Friday, 1/30/2015
    Sp.I p.250-252, physical descriptions of people
    Sp.II, p.281-283, reading about health
    Sp. III video story, episode 9

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