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  • denise-turnquist wrote a new blog post: Parents and 6th Graders   11 hours, 18 minutes ago · View

    Below are a few key points that you and your sixth grader can expect this year, as well as important information for you to keep throughout the school year. AR: Students are expected to read 30 minutes each night of the week from a book that is within their AR level. Upon finishing the book, students are then [...]

  • Jeff Fastnacht wrote a new blog post: Keeping Sharp   14 hours, 27 minutes ago · View

    It is a continuous challenge to keep sharp as an official.  I am sure many of us have different ways as individuals or crews to stay on the “razors edge” one might say.  What do you do? Last weekend our crew had the chance to work with Mr. Dave Klundt at the Presentation College scrimmage [...]

  • megan-t-anderson wrote a new blog post: August   1 day, 3 hours ago · View

    We are off to a great start in our Second Grade classroom! It has been a great week! In science we have started our study of the Earth. We did an experiment with playdoh to show the three layers of the Earth! The students are doing an excellent job in math! They have all been [...]

  • Teri L. Miller posted an update:   1 day, 11 hours ago · View

    We had a great start to our school year!
    Thank you to all for the warm welcomes and all the help and advice :)
    I am thrilled to be teaching in Bowman this year!

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  • sarah.neer wrote a new blog post: Keyboarding Links   1 day, 15 hours ago · View

    ThumbnailOur world requires our students to acquire keyboard proficiency.  Click the below link to access tools to help your students practice their keyboarding skills!

    Keyboarding Websites


  • ethan-brooks posted an update:   2 days, 11 hours ago · View

    Just getting ready for the Second Football game of the season !!!!

  • cathy-murphy wrote a new blog post: Enjoying a Sweet Start   2 days, 15 hours ago · View

    An eraser-mistakes are opportunities for learning Smarties’ candies- we all have different kinds of “Smarts” A pencil- “Because I know that you are sharp!” A stick of gum- we are going to stick together as a team A Hershey kiss- we have a safe and caring classroom Candy- we are sweet and respectful towards each [...]

  • Colin Mangold wrote a new blog post: Mangold Lesson Plans 9/1/14-9/5/2014   3 days, 10 hours ago · View

    Mangold Lesson Plans 9/1/14-9/5/2014   Monday 2) U.S. History – No School 4) Gov’t/PDP – No School 5) 8th Grade Social Studies – No School 6) 7th Grade Social Studies – No School 7) World History – No School   Tuesday 2) U.S. History – Finish Reviewing Pretest, U.S. History – Ch. 1 Terms, 1-1 Notes 4) Gov’t/PDP – 1-1 Notes (Government and the Public Good) [...]

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