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    Pancakes-5 I would definitely make this again. Who doesn’t love pancakes? There is nothing I would change in this recipe because the taste in them was perfect. We even added chocolate and peanut butter chips into them, that made the flavor even better. I learned how to tell when to flip and how to flip [...]

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  • Colin Mangold wrote a new blog post: Mangold Lesson Plans 11/3/2014-11/7/2014   9 hours, 33 minutes ago · View

    Monday 2) U.S. History – Counseling 4) Gov’t/PDP – Presidential Election and Nominations GR Due 11/4 5) 8th Grade Social Studies – Intro Ch. 9 PPT Projects, Section Outlines Due 11/4 6) 7th Grade Social Studies – US/Canada Map Quiz 7) World History -4-4&5 NS due 11/4   Tuesday 2) U.S. History – Review 4-1&2 Wkst, Ch. 4 and 5 Wkst Packets Due [...]

  • denise-turnquist wrote a new blog post: November Book Report Project   10 hours, 16 minutes ago · View

    This month each student will read a Mystery book of their choice and complete the book project at home.


  • amanda-s-fiest wrote a new blog post: Cookies   10 hours, 25 minutes ago · View

    Thumbnail Cookies Rate-4 The cookies were alright. They smelled really really good. They could have gotten a little more brown, so like could have been in the oven a little longer. My group should have flattened the cookies so that the cookies were flat insead of a blob. They weren’t very brown. I wouldn’t make this [...]

  • christopher.j.larson.1 wrote a new blog post: October 31, 2014   11 hours, 31 minutes ago · View

    Local Revenue   The property taxable valuation increased from 13,399,202 in 2013 to 14,390,109 in 2014 which equates to a 9.3% increase. The growth includes new property valuation and an increase in property taxable valuation.   The district mill levies remain the same as the district levied 148 mills in 2013/14 and 148 mills in [...]

  • Ms. Clapper wrote a new blog post: 11/3 – 11/7 Lesson Plans   14 hours, 31 minutes ago · View

    English IV 3  go over punctuation test Introduce combined comma lessons and Macbeth hand out M packet review notes anticipation guide as homework 4 lesson 78 (commas in comp. sentences) do act I vocab review words 5 turn in ant. guide discuss listen to act I answer discussion questions 6 comma lesson 79 (coord. adj) listen [...]

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  • kristeen.monson wrote a new blog post: Thurs 10-30   1 day, 9 hours ago · View

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